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Inclement weather can create difficulties for driving, sometimes causing accidents and even fatalities. Being prepared for bad weather in a variety of ways is an important part of being the safest driver possible, including making sure that every driver has optimal visibility. And one of the best ways to keep everyone safe is to make sure your vehicle is road ready – including the windshield wipers. 

Check Your Wipers Day is here to remind people to take just a few extra minutes to perform a check on their wiper blades to see if they need to be replaced!

History of Check Your Wipers Day

National Check Your Wipers Day was the brainchild of the Michelin company and the first event was celebrated in the United States 2021. The design behind the day was to encourage automobile drivers and operators to make a general maintenance check on their windshield wipers. The day was originally in May, but has since changed to November with the purpose of offering this reminder in advance of the colder winter season. In 2022, the day was expanded to include Canada and Europe, creating an opportunity for the event to be international.

With the purpose of reminding people who drive to keep themselves and their families safe by being proactive in preparation for upcoming weather issues, Michelin has also launched their “Hear Clearly” campaign. This YouTube video encourages people to listen to what it sounds like when a wiper has gone bad, so they can know when it’s time to change them.

How to Celebrate Check Your Wipers Day

This simple and straight-forward day acts as a little reminder to keep everyone safe, with some of these ideas:

Check Those Wiper Blades

It’s so easy when the name of the day is also the assignment for observing the day! Most people, if they are paying attention, will notice when their windshield wipers stop working as well, but it might come on gradually and it can be easily forgotten. The top thing on the list for today is to take a few minutes before or after heading out today to check those wipers. Consider some of these important signs that wiper blades need to be replaced on Check Your Wipers Day:

  • Noise

    Squeaking, chattering or some other noise usually indicates that the wipers are not connecting with the screen just right. They might simply need to be adjusted or replaced

  • Streaks or Scratches

    Extreme hot or cold temperatures can damage the blades, causing part of them to chip off, which can leave streaks, stripes or scratches, especially after it rains

  • Cracks in the Rubber

    Old wipers can crack or split, which means they won’t make good contact with the windshield

  • Bent Wiper Frame

    This can be caused by rust, strong winds, heavy snow and more, but in any case, the wiper needs to be replaced

Check a Family Member’s or Friend’s Wipers

Some people have a harder time checking their wiper blades. Perhaps a small person who drives a large vehicle might have difficulty with this. Or an older person might not think of doing it as regularly as needed. Check Your Wipers Day is a nice time to show someone they are loved by checking out their wipers and changing them if needed!

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