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There’s a lot of stress… but once you get in the car, all that goes out the window.

Dan Brown

Quotes like those above remind us just how vital a role that our cars can play in our lives. They are transportation, escape, recreation, and the vehicle and the location of some of the most critical events in our lives. They can serve as a right of passage, and they represent a form of freedom hitherto unknown to us before we own our first car. Summer Tire Changeover Month reminds us that changing our tires twice a year is an important part of keeping this important part of our lives healthy, hale, and on the road.

History of Summer Tire Changeover Month

Tires have been with us a long time, the first ones being made from leather for use on carts, wagons, and bicycles of course. In 1847 there was a patent placed for the first pneumatic, or air based, tire that surprisingly never actually went into production. While various forms of these tire would come into production in the following years (just not that original design) it would take the invention of synthetic rubber to make pneumatic tires a common day occurrence. While there are literally thousands of different tire designs in the world today, for most of us there are just two we need to worry about.

The cut of the tread on the tire, along with specific other factors of design, can determine what conditions a tire is best suited for. It’s for this reason that most people maintain a separate set of tires for the Summer and Winter, each one specially designed to handle those seasons vagaries. During Summer Time Changeover Month it’s time to change from your winter tires to your summer ones. Not only does this provide you with the best possible grip on the road itself, but it also helps to extend the lifetime of both sets of tires.

How to celebrate Summer Tire Changeover Month

Celebrating Summer Tire Changeover Month is simple enough, it starts with just changing from one set of tires to the other. However, if you want to be complete about the process, then you can also take both sets of tires into a specialist and have them examine the tire to determine the length of the tread left on them and whether or not there’s any damage that they’ve sustained. This kind of maintenance ensures that your tires will last your vehicle as long as possible.

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