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There is something about the lipstick red color of a cherry popsicle that makes it stand out as the reigning nobility of the popsicle world. Grape is lovely, and pineapple sunny, but the cherry popsicle really rules the roost with its eye drawing red.


In the heat of summer there’s nothing quite like a juicy, cool popsicle to help bring down your temperature, and add a little fun to the day. The cherry popsicle stands out in its succulent red as the perfect representation of summer fun. Cherry Popsicle Day celebrates this bright red banner of popsicle kind and encourages you to indulge in them shamelessly.

History of Cherry Popsicle Day

Unlike many culinary treats, the origin of the popsicle is definitively known, and an 11-year-old boy was responsible. He was preparing a soda pop out on his porch by mixing together the white powder with the water. In the absent-minded way of 11-year-olds, he left it on the porch and went inside, forgetting it was there until the next day. He found it frozen the next day with the stirring stick in it, and the popsicle was born!

But it wasn’t until 18 years later that the rest of the world would be introduced to this innovation. He decided to introduce the frozen pop on a stick at an amusement park in Belmar, NJ, called Neptune Beach. It was so successful that he immediately applied for a patent, and at the urging of his children named it the “popsicle”. Apparently, he would rather have called it a “frozen confectionery” or the more ostentatious “Epsicle Ice Pop”. Either way, Cherry Popsicle day exists to celebrate the amazing flavor of the bright red cherry popsicle.

How to celebrate Cherry Popsicle Day

Popsicles are incredibly easy to make, so the best way to celebrate Cherry Popsicle Day is to create your very own! You can start with a very easy variety, simply buying popsicle molds and pouring cherry kool-aid, sweetened to taste, in them and putting them in the freezer until solid. But for the truly adventurous, it doesn’t stop there!

Try these amazing Cherry Coconut Popsicles!

Cherry Coconut Popsicle

1 pound of pitted cherries
1 ½c water
½c granulated sugar
2t Lime Juice

¾c Coconut Milk
¾c Yogurt
1/3c granulated sugar

Start with the cherry layer, and place all the ingredients in a saucepan and cook until the cherries have a soft texture before placing in a blender. You can remove the cherry pulp with a strainer, or give your pops a pulpier feel by leaving them in. Then blend the coconut filling ingredients together until they’re smooth, and pour alternating layers in the popsicle mold, freezing between each layer. Voila! Some of the most delicious popsicles you’ll ever taste! Don’t forget the stick.