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Peaches are a summer fruit, and National Peach Ice Cream Day is a delightful way to celebrate their goodness while enjoying a cooling and delicious dessert!

History of National Peach Ice Cream Day

The peach, this juicy fruit that grows on a medium-size tree, is native to China and was taken to the New World by Spanish explorers in the 16th century. Commercial cultivation and a favorable climate has made this fruit the second largest fruit crop produced in the United States (after apples).

And when the flavors of these juicy little pitted fruits are combined with the delights of a frozen treat, the combination can’t be beat! Fresh peach ice cream is usually only made during the summer months and can be enjoyed in a sundae, as an ice-cream cone, on top of peach slices, or simply on its own in a dish. In fact, peach ice cream really doesn’t need sprinkles, sauces or toppings as they can overpower the delicate flavor.

National Peach Ice Cream Day is here to show love and appreciation for this cool combination that puts the yum into a hot summer day. So grab a friend or family member and get ready to enjoy some peach ice cream fun!

How to Celebrate National Peach Ice Cream Day

Get on board with celebrating National Peach Ice Cream Day in some exciting ways, starting with a few of these ideas:

Scoop Up Peach Ice Cream at a Local Shop

Head on over to a local ice cream shop that regularly stocks peach ice cream and order up a scoop or two. For a national chain, try out Baskin Robbins, Carvel, or Friendly’s. Don’t forget to check with the cashier to see if they have any special discounts available in celebration of National Peach Ice Cream Day. And, just for fun, take it outside to eat it in the hot weather, working to keep the drips from running away!

Get a Tub of Peach Ice Cream to Take Home

Those who can’t find peach ice cream in their local ice cream parlor might be able to grab some up at the grocery store. Companies in the US, such as Blue Bell, Breyers and Jeni’s all offer peach ice cream that ranks on the top of many lists for consumer favorites.

Make Peach Ice Cream at Home

Celebrate National Peach Ice Cream Day by making your own batch of this yummy summer dessert in an ice-cream maker at home. It really is rather easy to do and you can use big chunks of fresh peach, like the old-fashioned ice-cream used to be. Making ice cream can be a fun activity for kids, too, as it gets them involved with not only the culinary aspect, but also can teach them a lesson in science.

Be generous with that peach ice cream scoop, passing cones out to family members, friends and neighbors in honor of the day!

Make Plans to Attend a Peach Festival

Once people have sorted or made their peach ice cream to enjoy on National Peach Ice Cream Day, it might be fun to make plans to head over to some places that are known for all-things-peach. Since peaches are so popular and grown in at least twenty states throughout the US, from California to New Jersey, it is fitting that many different towns host their own peach festivals during the summer. Peach festivities can also be found in Canada, Britain and Australia as well.

Check out one of these US peach festivals where peach ice cream is sure to be found in abundance:

  • Georgia Peach Festival in Byron and Fort Valley, typically in early June.
  • California Peach Festival in Marysville, usually in mid-July.
  • Louisiana Peach Festival in Ruston, on the fourth weekend in June.
  • South Dakota Peach Festival in Sioux Falls, held on a weekend in late June.

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