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A soft flavor that kids the world over have discovered to sate the heat and give energy to them during the oppressive summer months. That first bite seems to overpower the taste buds, giving a hint that even more surprises await within the frozen delight, this is a day of celebration – Creamsicle Day!

History of Creamsicle Day

Originally created b Frank Eppperson in 1905, this industrious, and inventive 11 year old experimented with putting fruit juice around vanilla ice cream. The original ‘Epsicle’, which later became known as a Popsicle, creamsicle and even dreamsicle, were done with just the orange juice outside. However now you can find them in a myriad of flavors, from orange to blue raspberry, lime, grape, cherry and even blueberry!

This cold delight has been a staple of the summertime ice cream truck since they started moving around, and served at various warm locations since they were spread around as a treat. People have been going around trying all sorts of creamsicles from different areas and locales. Apparently the ones served on Long Island are less about the orange as they are the strong vanilla, while in Florida’s Palm Beach you get a small amount of vanilla flavor and a crazy amount of orange.

How to celebrate Creamsicle Day

Well, one would think just going out and getting a Creamsicle would be the end of celebrating Creamsicle Day. Yet you wouldn’t be farther from the truth. Even today, grocery stores and markets have them in large boxes, individually wrapped, or sometimes even in small packages for a couple of the Creamsicles, perfect for the whole family. And yet despite being so well known, there are those that have never had one! So you could always share it with those that have never encountered one before. Instead of just going to the store and buying the creamsicles, one could always make them at home. Turn it into a family project, or even experiment with different flavors. Just mix together fruit juice and vanilla ice cream into a large bowl.

Then add milk slowly and carefully, while continuing to mix. Finally, pour this mixture into small paper cups. Put them into your freezer, and once they are partially frozen, push in Popsicle sticks or lollipop sticks into them and carefully replace them back inside the freezer. Once frozen solid (the best way to tell if it is frozen is to squeeze the cup a little – if it doesn’t stay solid, it isn’t frozen enough yet), peel off the paper cups and enjoy your homemade Creamsicle!