When it comes to the crunch, Chocolate-Covered Peanuts Day is a great reason to celebrate a popular sweet treat. Dipping nuts and fruit into chocolate became popular from the 19th century onwards. However, the first nuts covered in chocolate were sold commercially in America in 1925, with Goobers being the oldest brand.

Coated nuts have a reputation for being a snack to enjoy while watching movies, along with popcorn. It’s not certain when chocolate-covered peanuts were first awarded their own day, but it’s thought the unofficial festival originated in the US.

Although many brands of nut are available to buy, it’s more fun – and cheaper – to make your own. All you need to do is to melt some chocolate in a pan, add in the peanuts and stir it all up – then allow the nuts to cool before eating. Just go nuts and enjoy the day!

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