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I travel with chocolate – Godiva with caramel. When the craving hits, I have to have it.

Christa B. Allen

In the opinions of many people, chocolate and caramel are viewed as one of the greatest pairings in the history of ever! Rich, luxurious, high quality chocolate with deep flavors and color, filled with the buttery rich flavor of caramel and a warm gooey texture and golden color. Honestly, what could be better?

National Chocolate Caramel Day reminds the world that this delightful slice of heaven exists. And, also, that wherever there is chocolate, caramel will probably make it better. When you have caramel? Chocolate is its missing companion.

History of National Chocolate Caramel Day

The origin of caramel is lost to the annals of history, but what historians do know is that it lies somewhere in the 200 years between 1650 and 1880. Originating in the Americas, the intrepid settlers were making hard candies in kettles sometime after they arrived.

This is the candy-making process that would eventually culminate in caramels, when some bright individual added fat and milk to the boiling water and sugar. Thus, caramel was born. It is also worth noting that, during this time, refined sugar was both rare and expensive, so candies were often made with the juice from sugar beets, which were easier to source.

Chocolate, on the other hand, comes from Mesoamerica and, using the cacao bean, has been prepared as a drink there since as early as 1750 BCE. When the settlers arrived and discovered the rich drink, they quickly transported it back to Europe where it became a huge favorite of anyone who could get their hands on it. From this beginning as a simple and exotic drink, chocolate has evolved into the rich variety that is experienced today.

The blending together of these two beloved flavors was thanks, in part, to Mr. Hershey of the Hershey’s candy company. In fact, many people do not know that Milton Hershey got his start preparing and selling caramel. It was actually the foundation of what would become his growing empire.

When the transformation began to occur from making caramels to making chocolate as his primary product, it wasn’t a far reach for him to introduce the world to the combination of these two heavenly sweets: chocolate and caramel. So it was that the world happily received Chocolate Caramel as a flavor, and it became a sensation. Of course, it’s possible that it had been tried on a small scale prior to this, but Mr. Hershey was the one that made it popular!

National Chocolate Caramel Day is the perfect time to celebrate this serendipitous creation that has become a world-wide sensation!

How to Celebrate National Chocolate Caramel Day

In honor of this most delectable day, chocolate and caramel demands to be celebrated. It’s simply a sacrifice that the people must make!

Not to worry, this day is all about enjoyment, so there’s no pressure for anyone. Those who like to cook or bake can have a joyous time exploring various creative recipes. As for those who would prefer to source their treats from the shops? Well, certainly no one should complain about that!

Take a look at these ideas for a bit of inspiration toward celebrating National Chocolate Caramel Day:

Enjoy Chocolate Caramel Treats

The most obvious task of the day, of course, is to celebrate National Chocolate Caramel Day by imbibing chocolate and caramel at any and every opportunity that presents itself! And it shouldn’t be difficult to locate a great collection of products. There are chocolate caramel pop-tarts for breakfast, a nice chocolate caramel brownie as a snack with lunch, and a delicious and tantalizing chocolate caramel ice cream bar for dessert. Is that not the perfect day?

Learn to Make Chocolate Caramel Recipes

For the more adventurous types, trying out a new Chocolate Caramel recipe can be great fun. And the enjoyment can range from novices to those who are practically professionals in the kitchen. Modern conveniences and boxed mixes mean that almost anyone can create a delightful treat without a lot of fuss.

Consider trying these types of National Chocolate Caramel Day treats that are fairly easy to make but no less enjoyable:

  • Chocolate Caramel Brownies. Starting with a simple brownie mix makes this super straight-forward. Prepare the brownie mix per the box instructions and place batter in the pan. Add thick caramel sauce (often found in the ice cream topping section at the grocery store) by drizzling a generous amount on top in parallel lines. Draw a knife perpendicular to the lines to create a swirled effect. Bake as directed.
  • Chocolate Caramel Pretzels. Lay pretzel twists flat on a parchment lined baking sheet. Place small caramel pieces (half a Kraft square) on each pretzel, then bake for 3-5 minutes to melt. Cool completely and then dip in melted chocolate, then dip in sprinkles as desired. A fun and easy treat almost anyone can make!
  • Add Caramel and Chocolate to Almost Anything. Chocolate chip pancakes with caramel sauce, chocolate ice cream with caramel topping, even a cup of coffee can taste great with a bit of chocolate and caramel swirled in (a barista will probably be happy to do this on request!).

Share Chocolate Caramel Treats

Another stellar way to celebrate this delightful day is by sharing a favorite chocolate caramel treat with co-workers, classmates, friends and family. Either bring them a gift of a special chocolate caramel concoction, or get proactive and encourage them to bring their favorites to a great share-all!

And for those who happen to run across a suspicious person who doesn’t seem to like Chocolate Caramel? Well, that’s just more to keep and enjoy on your own!

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