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5th Feb each year

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The origins of this holiday are quite mysterious, no one knows who created Chocolate Fondue Day, where it was first celebrated, or why it is celebrated every year. It is one of those bizarre yet funny days that has appeared unannounced on our calendar, inviting us to enjoy a chocolatey celebration: dipping our favorite fruit, cakes, cookies and marshmallows into a pot of melted chocolate.

Chocolate fondue is a dessert that was created in the 1960s, probably in New York City. The story goes that Konrad Egli, chef at Chalet Swiss, came up with the idea as a part of a campaign to promote Swiss chocolate products in the United States. However, chocolate fondue was quickly adopted worldwide, as one of the most decadent and sensual desserts.

Get yourself a fondue pot, a bar of quality chocolate and some delicious dipping ingredients, and satisfy your sweet-tooth on Chocolate Fondue Day!

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