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Happiness is a warm taste of hazelnut spread on a warm flaky pastry! And that hazelnut spread is known across the world as its brand name, Nutella. This delightful, chocolatey hazelnut spread can be slathered on toast or baked right into the center of pastries or other baked goods.

This might not be the case for everyone, but many people have been known to consume it simply with a spoon or finger! And others have certainly found creative ways to eat it, using pretzel sticks or even potato chips to get their taste of it. It seems like everyone who is a fan has their favorite way to get their Nutella fix.

And World Nutella Day is the perfect day to share all of those wonderful ideas with the world!

History of World Nutella Day

Nutella, released to the world by the Fererro family under its current name in the mid-1960s, has roots that go back to the early 1800s. “Gianduja” was the name for a sweet, chocolate hazelnut confection that was invented in Turin, Italy during the reign of Napoleon. Its creation was motivated by the fact that there was a shortage of cocoa supplies at the time, so a chocolatier added some hazelnuts to stretch the chocolate.

Pietro, the father of the Ferrero family, Pietro, owned a bakery in Alba, Italy, a town that was known for its production of hazelnuts. Originally selling the treat in large blocks (called pasta Gianduja), Pietro then had the idea to begin selling a creamy version of the treat, known as Supercrema Gianduja.

When Pietro’s son, Michelle, decided to ramp up production of the concoction, he changed the recipe slightly and it received its new name: Nutella. The first jar was sold in 1964 and it has been a delightfully popular treat throughout Europe ever since. By the mid-1980s, the Fererro family was importing it into the United States and now it has become a staple in many places all over the world.

World Nutella Day was first celebrated in 2007. The idea for the day came from Sara Rosso who was an American blogger who was living in Italy at the time. What made her think to start World Nutella Day? Why it was her love of the product of course! The fans of Nutella embraced the day with gusto and took the joy of the day to social media around the world.

2015 saw the transfer of the day from Sara Rosso to the company that makes Nutella, Ferrero. Making this transfer allowed for the day to become even larger and ensured its longevity. The company has done some pretty creative things to support World Nutella Day. There is a website ( to keep current on all of the plans for the holiday. It is even possible to sign up for a chance to become the Chief Nutella Ambassador!

World Nutella Day Timeline


Pietro Ferrero moves to Alba, Italy

Pietro Ferrero is a candy baker and when he moves to Alba, he finds hazelnuts to be an abundant supply. Noticing that local workers are often eating sandwiches made of tomatoes, cheese and olive oil on bread, Ferrero gets creative and comes up with a thick spread made from chopped hazelnuts.[1]


Ferrero sells Giandujot paste

Coming from an Italian town that is known for the production of hazelnuts, Fererro begins producing a hazelnut and cocoa paste. It comes in a loaf and is meant to be sliced and placed on bread. The name Giandujot is in honor of a carnival character local to the area.[2]


SuperCrema is sold

With an improved recipe to make the ‘Giandujot’ paste more tasty and spreadable, the Ferrero company begins selling SuperCrema in a jar instead of in the blocks that it originally came in which had to be sliced.[3]


First jars of Nutella are marketed

After time is spent perfecting the recipe blend of hazelnuts and cocoa cream, the first jar of Nutella leaves the factory on April 20. It is put on the market in Italy and the brand becomes almost an instant success.[4]


Nutella arrives in America

While most of Europe has experienced Nutella by this time, Nutella only arrives in the United States after it hits Australia. In the US, it is originally marketed as a delicious addition to a healthy breakfast. It becomes super popular and continues to be to this day.[5]

How to Celebrate World Nutella Day

Really, there is no wrong way to celebrate World Nutella Day. No matter how you spread it, melt it, share it or hoard it, the joy that comes once you taste it makes this one of the best world days ever! And this is a true statement, even when Nutella is enjoyed on other days as well. Because any day with Nutella in it is the best day ever!

Try out these ideas for celebrating the day in all of its chocolatey hazelnut goodness:

Get Creative with Nutella in the Kitchen

To truly make the day special, why not try something new with that jar of Nutella? Head on over to a favorite online search engine and just type in the phrase “Nutella recipes” and a plethora of ideas will appear. Just pick the one that wakes up those taste buds and give it a try.

Here are some suggestions for creative Nutella recipe ideas:

  • Nutella Stuffed Pretzel Bites. Yummy soft pretzels are even better when filled with chocolate-hazelnut spread.
  • Nutella Pops. Channel that inner fudgesicle with a recipe for frozen nutella popsicles.
  • Nutella Banana Bread or Muffins. Take those old bananas to another level by baking some Nutella into that banana bread or bit sized muffins.
  • Nutella Mocha Latte. That milky espresso drink just got a whole lot better with the addition of a dollop of Nutella.

Host a Nutella Party or Competition

Are your friends as creative in the kitchen as you? Why not hold a competition and see who makes the best creation? The prize can be social media stardom and a big jar of Nutella of course!

Make Homemade Nutella

For those who are feeling domestic and creative, consider trying to whip up a batch of Nutella-like, chocolate hazelnut spread in the kitchen at home. It’s not super complicated and only has a few ingredients (and no preservatives).

Start with roasted hazelnuts (they can easily be roasted at home in the oven). After removing the skins by rolling them on a kitchen towel, place the nuts in a food processor or high-capacity blender. Blend for several minutes to create a nut butter, then add melted chocolate, a dash of salt and a bit of vanilla. Feel free to sweeten it a bit with agave or maple syrup as preferred.

Share World Nutella Day with Friends

Bake or create some yummy Nutella-based goodies to share with coworkers, at the office, or in the neighborhood. To add to the fun, take some pictures during and after the preparation, then share it with the world on your social media. Spread the love and the goodness of Nutella with everyone.

If you just don’t find the right recipe for the moment, there are also recipes and ideas that can be found on the World Nutella Day website mentioned above. When you are sitting there enjoying the fruits of your culinary labors, don’t forget about the next generation. Share some of your goodies with the kids so that they too will be able to one day enjoy Nutella dishes. Your imagination is the only limit!

World Nutella Day FAQs

What is Nutella most commonly used for?

Although technically classified as a dessert topping, Nutella is also commonly used for topping on breakfast foods such as waffles, pancakes, toast or bagels.

Should I store Nutella in the cupboard or the fridge?

According to the Italian manufacturer, Nutella doesn’t like the cold. Therefore, it should be stored at room temperature.[1]

Where can I go to a Nutella Cafe?

Fererro has opened Nutella Cafes in New York City and in Chicago, Illinois in the USA.[2]

What is the shelf life of Nutella?

Nutella can be used for 12 months from the date of manufacturing. But it’s sure to be eaten much more quickly than that anyway.[3]

Does Nutella contain peanuts?

No, Nutella contains no peanuts or peanut ingredients. However, sometimes people with a peanut allergy can also be allergic to hazelnuts, so it’s best to be careful and check in advance.[4]

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