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Thirty whole days for classical music lovers to listen to, promote and celebrate the amazing music they so enjoy? Yes please! Classical Music Month is here to show appreciation for this type of music while focusing on the amazing musicians, conductors and composers who bring incredible classical music to be shared with the world! 

History of Classical Music Month

The genre of classical music has roots that can be traced back through the patronage of the churches as well as the royal courts throughout Western Europe. As musical instruments developed, the ability to add more people to their ensembles allowed this type of music to grow into fascinating compositions played by large orchestras. Classical music may be characterized by sounds that are formal and complex, often making use of polyphony, which means it has two or more lines of independent melody taking place simultaneously.

Although classical music has been making its way into concert halls, symphonies and even homes for many centuries, Classical Music Month is a much more recent celebration. The event was made official in 1994 when it was declared as a national celebration by US President Bill Clinton. In his declaration, Clinton referred to classical music as a “celebration of artistic excellence.”

How to Celebrate Classical Music Month

Show some class and taste by celebrating Classical Music Month. Consider some of these ideas for getting involved with the various events:

Listen to Classical Music

One benefit of the internet and connectedness is that it makes it possible for individuals to access all sorts of music online that they might otherwise miss. In honor of Classical Music Month, perhaps it would be fun to participate by performing a little online search for some favorite composers. Those who are not well-versed in classical music are certainly invited to join in, dipping a toe into learning more about the different varieties and types of classical music. Perhaps make a commitment to trying a different composer each day of the month to determine a favorite!

Attend a Classical Music Concert

Those who want to take Classical Music Month a bit further should consider booking tickets to attend a concert, symphony or other musical event. Large cities often have long seasons that last from autumn until spring, so this is a great time to take in some live classical music. Even better, perhaps consider purchasing season tickets for the symphony or concert to be sure to have access to this amazing style of music throughout the year.

Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

For those who are interested in this type of classical music but don’t play an instrument, it’s never too late! National Classical Music Month can act as a prompt to take some lessons. Or for those who used to play the French horn, clarinet or violin, this might be just the time to dust it off and see what it would be like to play again. Who knows? Maybe there will be tryouts for a spot at the local orchestra or symphony coming up soon!

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