Last year I started my own herb garden, which I love, but I kind of went in head first without thinking about how I wanted it to look, or the types of herbs that I wanted to plant. Don’t get me wrong, it turned out better than I had hoped and the herbs have come back – but a few did die off and I’m going to try again this year. I’ve done some reading on what may have gone wrong last year, and what I want to accomplish this year in Garden Month. To help you (and me), I have rounded up a few helpful articles to get you started on creating a herb garden of your own.

I’m determined to have a Basil plant that last’s a bit longer than a month, and also a Cilantro which are apparently hard to grow and keep alive – we shall see – I’ll be hitting the garden centres soon to get a starter plant. Wish me luck!

What are your plans for a herb garden this year? What plants are you going to have in it? Are there any tips that you have budding gardeners?


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