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Often served at holiday meals and family dinners but also enjoyed on deli sandwiches, sliced ham is a food that is healthful and nutritious. And when it comes in the form of a glazed spiral ham, it’s just that much better!

National Glazed Spiral Ham Day offers an ideal opportunity for individuals, families and groups to show their appreciation for and celebrate this delicious food.

History of National Glazed Spiral Ham Day

The background of National Glazed Spiral Ham Day can be followed back to the invention of the spiral slicer that was the ingenious idea of Harry J. Hoenselaar. Solving the problem of the ham bone that gets in the way of cutting the large piece of meat, the spiral slicer contains a spring-loaded blade that rotates as it cuts through the meat. Created in 1924 in Detroit, Michigan, the spiral slicer changed the way that hams are prepared and served.

Hoenselaar was eventually the founder of the company, Honey Baked Ham in 1957, which not only sliced their hams in a spiral manner but also included their delectable recipe for a sweet glaze made of honey and orange juice.

While these ham slicers were originally limited, in 1981 the patent ran out and now they can be purchased at almost any deli or grocery store where hams are sold. National Glazed Spiral Ham Day was started as early as 2014, providing a delightful time for people to enjoy a delicious meal in honor of this deli meat.

How to Celebrate National Glazed Spiral Ham Day

Have a happy National Glazed Spiral Ham Day by enjoying the day with some of these delightful ideas:

Pick Up a Glazed Spiral Ham

On National Glazed Spiral Ham Day, head on out to the grocery store, a deli or a supermarket and pick up a glazed spiral ham. The Honey Baked Ham company has more than 500 locations in 41 states throughout the US so that might be a good place to start! It might be a good idea to consider ordering a ham of the preferred size ahead of time to be sure it’s available in celebration of the event.

Get Creative with Ham Glaze Recipes

Those who have standard ham glaze that they enjoy may want to make things a bit more interesting on National Glazed Spiral Ham Day. Get online and check out a wide range of different recipes for glazes and then try one out!
Check out some of these flavor ideas to get started with:

  • Garlic Honey Mustard Ham Glaze
  • Maple Bourbon Orange Glaze
  • Pineapple and Brown Sugar Ham Glaze (with pineapple slices and cherries)
  • Mango Jalapeno Ham Glaze

Other Days of the Year that are celebrated along the same lines as National Glazed Spiral Ham Day include National Cold Cuts Day in March, National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day in January or National Hoagie Day in early May.   

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