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The concept of an inn located along the road in the countryside has been a part of many cultures for centuries. In ancient Persia, inns were opened along caravan and trading routes. A family might have made a room available in their home or a monastery might have opened up rooms for weary travelers who needed a rest and a place to care for their horses.

Offering a place for lodging and often a hearty meal, country inns developed into something more like the bed and breakfast that is popular today. Many folks prefer this way to travel – and Country Inn Bed & Breakfast Day is the perfect time to celebrate!

History of Country Inn Bed & Breakfast Day

Country Inn Bed and Breakfast Day is an occasion that originated several years ago, with the first official celebration happening in 2005. As the popularity of the day has continued to grow, thousands of hostels and others in the hospitality industry now make a special effort every year to welcome visitors by providing special events, information and entertainment.

How to Celebrate Country Inn Bed & Breakfast Day

Owners and operators of local country inns, as well as bed and breakfast establishments, are eager to help people celebrate Country Inn Bed & Breakfast Day! Have fun with some of these ideas for observing the day:

Stay at a Country Inn or B&B

This year, why not celebrate Country Inn Bed and Breakfast Day by choosing one of the world’s finest rural retreats and enjoying a relaxing weekend getaway? Take some time to get out of town, enjoy the fresh air and rest a little, letting someone else do the hard work of cooking and cleaning for a change!

Create an At-Home Bed and Breakfast

Those who perhaps don’t have the time or finances to head out to their favorite B&B or country inn in celebration of Country Inn Bed and Breakfast Day can still certainly get on board with the day! Maybe it would be fun to begin by cooking the family a traditional fried breakfast, perhaps with some specialties of the local region. Add in some home-baked bread or biscuits, toasted with jam and real butter, along with freshly squeezed orange juice and it will feel like a breakfast that belongs right in a country inn!

Learn More About Bed & Breakfasts

One great way to celebrate almost any special day is by learning more about the particular topic of interest for the day. Country Inn Bed and Breakfast Day is certainly no exception! Perhaps it would be a fun idea to spend some time researching the history of country inns and bed and breakfasts in the local area, throughout the country or even all over the world. There are thousands, and quite a few have been the scene of thrilling historical moments! While doing the research, why not make a bucket list of some of these famous country inns that would be a delight to visit?

Check Out Some Historical B&Bs

It may be possible to stay in bed and breakfasts that have been around for a century or more. Check out some of these very old country inns:

  • The Daniels House in Salem, MA. The oldest B&B that can be found in the US was built in 1667.
  • Griswold Inn in Essex, CT. Built in the late 1700s, this one has a variety of marine artifacts.
  • Causey Mansion, Milford, DE. This Greek Revival style mansion dates back to 1763.

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