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May 18th

Learn about No Dirty Dishes Day

Piles of dirty dishes, endless scrubbing, and careful storing in cabinets: This is what we do every day. Washing up is the mother of all chores which we love to hate. No Dirty Dishes Day helps relieve the pain and resentment we all feel towards this daily obligation. It brings 24 dishwashing-free hours during which not a single dish or other eating utensil may be dirtied. Putting off the chore until tomorrow is not the point; eliminating it altogether and enjoying a sponge- and detergent-free day is!

There are many ways to make No Dirty Dish Day happen. An obvious solution is to switch to plastic plates, but this is by far the least glamorous way to mark this innovative holiday. Going out to a favourite restaurant or planning an outing on which you bring snacks or grill some goodies outdoors are just a couple of options which easily turn No Dirty Dish Day into a true festivity.