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1995 marked the beginning of the cow revolution, when herds of beef cattle everywhere decided to take a stand for the future of the bovine race. Far more intelligent than the others, Heff R. Jones (now known as Eaton Birds) took his limited grasp of his owner’s language and painted “EAT MOR CHIKIN” on a billboard.

With this daring move he set in motion a movement among cows everywhere, to encourage us to eat more chicken, so we wouldn’t be eating them. Cow Appreciation Day commemorates Heff (I’m sorry, we mean Mr. Birds) and everything he’s done for cattlekind.

Learn about Cow Appreciation Day

Cow Appreciation Day is a day that has been designed to raise awareness about cows and appreciate everything that they do! You will see some weird things going on during Cow Appreciation Day. A lot of people dress up like cows for free food, and that’s just the start of it! So, we hope that you have a spare cow suit handy. We are reminded of all of the amazing products that cows bring our way, and a lot of people like to milk the occasion. Sorry for the awful pun…

How to celebrate Cow Appreciation Day

Well, this is the simplest thing ever honey! You just find your way down to your local Chik-Fil-A and indulge in a great tasting meal made with tender juicy chicken. While you’re at it, dress up as a cow and you’ll win yourself a free entrée. You might say that Eaton and his crew have been working hard with Chik-Fil-A to make the prospect of eating their feathered (ahem) friends a lot more enticing. Children get free sandwiches, adults get free entrees, and everyone goes away happy on Chicken Eatin… We mean Cow Appreciation Day!

Check out some weird & funny cow products!

We’ve been searching high and low for the best products to celebrate Cow Appreciation Day, and we’ve found some real gems.

It's so squishy
Moody cow stress relief plushie Moody cow stress relief plushie

The Moody Cow stress relief toy is here to help you look to greener pastures and relieve stress. This fun, soft plush toy be squeezed, hugged or just stared at for hours. It's pretty much the only thing that will make your day better.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/21/2023 08:50 pm GMT
It's true!
'Cows have no top teeth' book 'Cows have no top teeth' book

Did you know that cows don't have top teeth? That's right. It's true. If you're looking for a fun, light-hearted read, this is the book for you. Discover why they love chewing so much, all with a helping of amoosement.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/21/2023 12:50 pm GMT
Looks leathery
Fleece cow print blanket Fleece cow print blanket

Your living room is a blank canvas, ready to be painted with the colors of your dreams. But what if you could make it a cow palace? You can with this cow print blanket!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/21/2023 01:40 pm GMT

Other ways to celebrate

There are a lot of other ways that you can celebrate Cow Appreciation Day. Why not hug a cow? If you are lucky enough to live close to a cattle farm, why not pay a visit? You can spend some time close with these animals, showing your appreciation for them in the best possible day! Of course, we are sure that cows probably don’t know that there is a day just for them, but you can make them feel like this is the case by giving them some much-deserved attention.

Another great way to celebrate Cow Appreciation Day is to celebrate and support local dairy farmers. Why not take a trip to your local farm shop and make a purchase from there instead of buying your groceries from a branded supermarket? You can also go out of your way to make sure that the local farmer in your area knows how much you appreciate all of their hard work and effort. After all, it is always good to make people feel nice, no matter the date or occasion, right?

Of course, you can spend some time finding out more about these animals. Did you know that cows are very social? This is another reason why you should make them feel appreciated on this date and pay them a visit. Cows are emotional and social creatures. They form tight bonds with their family and friends. This is especially the case when it comes to the relationship between calves and their mothers. If they are separated, they will show extreme distress.

There are a lot of other interesting facts about cows as well. Did you know that they can create a monumental 125 pounds of saliva every day? That is pretty insane, right? While cows don’t actually have four stomachs, as some people believe, they have four chambers in their stomach. These are the abomasum, omasum, reticulum, and rumen chambers, and they all help with breaking down the tough grass that they digest. This is why they produce a lot of salivae!

Another fact is that cows create a lot more milk when they are happier. This is something that has been concluded in a study, showing that cattle have lived a happier life, creating more nutritious milk that has a greater amount of calcium. This probably should not come as much of a surprise. After all, as humans, we tend to be more productive when we are happier!

History of Cow Appreciation Day

Alright, it’s a fun story, but ultimately Cow Appreciation Day was the clever brainchild of the Chik-Fil-A company, creating the story of the daring cow to encourage people to skip their favorite burger joint, and come to their local Chik-Fil-A instead. Little did people know that indulging in this bit of fanciful celebration would introduce them to a fundamental truth about fast food.

There isn’t anything quite as delicious as chicken. Chicken can be prepared any number of ways, but there’s a rich, juicy, light flavor it brings to the table that just beats out beef on every front. Rich marinades, the delicious taste yet healthful taste of grilled chicken, or wings dipped in Barbeque Sauce, however you like it it’s impossible to deny that chicken is an incredibly versatile meat.

Also… It’s not beef, so that makes Eaton happy, and saves cows everywhere one more day. Speaking from a health perspective, chicken is also immeasurably healthier for you, and has been shown to not be a harbinger of quite as many carcinogens as you find in beef. Isn’t that thoughtful? By saving themselves, the cows are saving you. That’s what you call a win-win proposition!

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