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One simple way that parents love to provide their kids with refreshing sweet treats during hot summer days is with freezer pops. These affordable and quick frozen snacks can be purchased at most grocery stores, found in the dry goods aisle and then thrown in the freezer upon arriving home. It takes just a few hours (ideally 6) for these little liquified plastic tubes in all sorts of flavors and colors to turn into tasty frozen pops that are ideal on a hot day! 

History of National Freezer Pop Day

Sometimes called freeze pops, ice pops, or simply freezies, this type of frozen summer snack was introduced in the 1960s under the brand “Pop-Ice”, which is owned by the Jel Sert company. Other well-known brand names in the United States, made by the same company, are “Otter Pops” and “Fla-Vor-Ice”. In Canada, the UK and Ireland, the name “Mr. Freeze” has been fairly common since the 1960s and 1970s.

The inaugural celebration of National Freezer Pop Day took place in 2020 when it was founded in cooperation with Jel Sert Co. Today, kids and adults alike can enjoy the fun and frivolity of celebrating summer with National Freezer Pop Day.

How to Celebrate National Freezer Pop Day

Families with kids aren’t the only ones who can celebrate National Freezer Pop Day! Check out some of these ideas for getting creative with festivities:

Enjoy a Freezer Pop

For adults, freezer pops offer a bit of nostalgia that can be traced back to happy childhood memories! National Freezer Pop Day can be enjoyed by picking up a box or bag of these colorful liquid tubes and throwing them in the freezer, ideally the day before so they have time to solidify! Since they often come in large packages and are typically affordably priced, it’s a great snack to share with a group of people. Pass them around to the neighborhood kids or bring a box to work for everyone to enjoy in the breakroom.

Try Making Homemade Freezer Pops

For folks who are a bit concerned about the ingredients or the single-use plastic that comes with store bought freezer pops, consider an alternative celebration of National Freezer Pop Day by making them at home. Pops can be made in ice cube trays and toothpicks or with special silicone forms that are made just for that purpose. For a more nutritious treat, make them by substituting a mix of fruit juice blends that offer natural sugars. Plus, the reusable pop molds are a more sustainable option that can be reused over and over again.

Enjoy Freezer Pop Cocktails

Adults who are interested in raising the bar of National Freezer Pop Day might consider hosting a ‘cocktail’ party that features interesting pops made with different blends of alcoholic beverages. Many recipes can be found online with different flavor combinations, including some of these fun mixes:

  • Strawberry Lemonade Vodka Freezer Pops 
  • Tequila Sunrise Freezer Pops 
  • Jack & Coke Adult Freeze Pops  
  • Vodka Gummy Bear Frozen Pops 

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