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If you’re a fan of beef jerky, then you are in luck. National Craft Jerky Day is all about all those homemade jerky recipes that generations of families know and love. It’s a day of celebration for meat lovers alike, and no matter how you make your jerky, you’ll be able to join people all over and learn their recipes. So, if you are curious about this tasty holiday, then read more about its history and how to start making your own craft jerky here.

History of National Craft Jerky Day

With the drive to bring home craft jerky into the world, Long Beach Jerky Co. crafted the holiday in order to honor small batch jerky makers. Alex Naticchioni and Richie Beckman are the founders of the company and were inspired by Naticchioni’s grandfather, or “gramps” as he called him, would make his famous beef jerky every year for Christmas and would put jerky in their stockings in Colorado.

Soon, Naticchoni joined his gramps in the tradition by learning these recipes. Once he and his friend Richie moved to Long Island Beach, they one day decided to have a weekend of jerky making and beer tasting turned into a business idea. Hence, Long Island Jerky Company was born.

National Craft Jerky Day is dedicated to all small batch jerky makers that sprung from past down generations of delicious flavor and unique craft. Each year, Long Beach Jerky Co. holds parties throughout the year that emanate the traditions of the past, where jerky and beer tasting commences.

How to Celebrate National Craft Jerky Day

If you want to get your craft on, then try out this basic recipe for sweet maple pork jerky from Jerkyholic, a website dedicated to their love of jerky and provides hundreds of recipes for people to try.

First, get a pork tenderloin and cut it into small strips, cutting off the fat. Then drench the pork in maple syrup and any other ingredients that you would think work for this recipe. Try adding ginger, cayenne, and soy sauce into the mix to make it more savory and balanced.

Then, let it marinate for 20 hours. Once it’s done marinating, seep the pork on an open tray and use a dehydrator to dry out the meat. The best suggestion for this recipe is to have the temperature at 165 F and wait for at least four hours. If you love this recipe, hashtag #craftjerkyday and let your friends know how this day’s all about the love for beef jerky.

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