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Everyone thinks that just because you have a Scouse accent, then you must be ‘on the rob’.

Jennifer Ellison

If you’re wondering what the term “scouse” means, the one thing that you can possibly tell from it is that it’s most definitely British. Global Scouse Day has a unique tradition all on its own and only takes place in a specific place if Britain if you don’t know where that is. Read here to learn more about Global Scouse Day at Days of the Year.

History of Global Scouse Day

Scouse is a term used in the city of Liverpool in the United Kingdom to describe its people, food and culture. Scouse traditionally a meat stew made of the leftover vegetables and meats, such as carrots, potatoes, turnips, and lamb. The idea of this dish helped found this holiday when Graham Hughes, a British filmmaker and television presenter, would hold a scouse supper each year with his friends in Liverpool on his birthday. Once he left for adventurers in December 2008, his friends decided to continue the tradition. Over time, the scouse supper became a cultural phenomenon in Liverpool as people started developing the term scouse as an identity marker.

While the term scouse is originally used as a name for a stew, it is also used as a way to describe the Liverpool accent and culture. Liverpool accents are unique because of their elongated vowels and strong sharp letters mixed in with the traditional British accent that people know. During this day, Liverpool hosts festivals and restaurants annually have scouse stew throughout the region. Scouse essentially, with its’ combination of a strong accent and a delicious stew, the term scouse has ultimately been made to describe the people of Liverpool.

How to celebrate Global Scouse Day

If you want to celebrate Global Scouse Day, one of the best ways you can do it is by cooking up a scouse dinner. To make a beef scouse, start by peeling onions, potatoes, and carrots. Next, cut the carrots and onions into chunks. Cut potatoes, dust the meat you’ll be using with flour. Then get a pot, add cooking oil, and place it on the burner.

Add all the chopped vegetables and meat into the pot. Then add some stock cubes and water with some seasoning and bring to a boil. Let the pot lightly boil for at least 3 hours, occasionally stirring. Once ready, add some Worcestershire sauce and serve with some red cabbage and dried bread. If you like the recipe, then share the holiday and the recipe on social media using the hashtag #scouseday.

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