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When two pieces of bread contain just meat or cheese, it’s really just basic. But when those bread slices include delicious potato crisps (or potato chips as they’re called in the US), then there’s a whole new reason to celebrate!

Now, Crisp Sandwich Day is here to show appreciation for everything related to this fun and simple little treat.

History of Crisp Sandwich Day

While it may be unclear exactly who invented the crisp sandwich, they seem to have cropped up in a few different places. In Ireland, the crisp sandwich is also called the Tayto sandwich, named after the popular Irish brand of potato crisps. In other places they are called chippy sandwiches, chip sandwiches, or even chipwiches!

Some evidence shows that potato chip sandwiches have been around in the United States since the 1950s. Whether eaten alone (just crisps and mayonnaise, please), or crispy snacks are piled on with ham & cheese, bologna, or peanut butter, a crisp sandwich is a tasty treat that is fun to enjoy.

In 2015, two different people went so far as to open establishments strictly dedicated to serving crisp sandwiches, located in Belfast, Northern Ireland and West Yorkshire, England. Both of these shops claim to have been the first crisp sandwich shop in the world. Then, in 2021, Subway sandwich shops in the UK started offering Walkers crisps as a topping for their sandwiches.

Though National Sandwich Day is certainly a time that is worth celebrating, an even more niche and interesting day to celebrate is Crisp Sandwich Day. Crisp Sandwich Day offers a throwback to the good old days of magical simplicity!

How to Celebrate Crisp Sandwich Day

Offering a delightful departure from seriousness (because who can be serious when eating a crunchy sandwich?), Crisp Sandwich Day allows for people to bring out their inner kid again! Try out some of these fun ideas for celebrating and appreciating the day:

Enjoy a Delicious Crisp Sandwich

Whether for lunch or dinner, Crisp Sandwich Day offers a fun opportunity to bring out that inner child and make up some crisp sandwiches. Having one yourself is good, but making a few to share is even better. Perhaps make some up in the morning, take them to the office and pass them out at lunchtime.

Or for those parents who haven’t introduced their children to the beauty and joy of this great, Crisp Sandwich Day would be fun to make up some crisp sandwiches to share with the kiddos!

Try Nigella Lawson’s Crisp Sandwich Recipe

Though it was never officially published in one of her cookbooks, the famous British food writer has posted her recipe on social media. In early 2022, Lawson took to Instagram to post a video showing exactly how to make a crisp sandwich. In Lawson’s case, she put butter (not mayo) on two pieces of bread and then filled it with crisps. Her favorite is using salt and vinegar flavored Walkers (which is the same as Lays in the United States).

Featured Image: "crisp-sandwich" by Mark Norman Francis is licensed under CC0 1.0 - cropped from original.

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