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Move Hollywood and Broadway to Lebanon, P.A. Day is a quirky and imaginative holiday that captures the whimsy of small-town charm.

Celebrated annually, this day invites people to picture the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and Broadway relocating to Lebanon, Pennsylvania. It’s a playful idea that gets people talking and brings a smile to their faces.

Tom and Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holidays came up with the idea to highlight Lebanon’s unique culture and community.

The town is known for its friendly residents, scenic parks, and local specialties like Lebanon bologna. By imagining Hollywood and Broadway in this quaint setting, the day celebrates the town’s character and invites others to explore its offerings.

People celebrate the day for various reasons. It encourages creativity and curiosity, making us question why certain places become famous.

It also shines a light on Lebanon, showing that small towns have their own unique attractions. Finally, it’s simply a fun way to bring some lightheartedness into our lives, reminding us to find joy in unexpected places​.

History of Move Hollywood and Broadway to Lebanon, P.A. Day

Move Hollywood and Broadway to Lebanon, P.A. Day is a fun and whimsical holiday created by Tom and Ruth Roy.

This holiday began as a playful idea to imagine the entertainment hubs of Hollywood and Broadway relocating to the small town of Lebanon, Pennsylvania. The Roys, known for inventing various quirky holidays, launched this particular day to spotlight their town’s charm and unique culture​.

The holiday started as part of the Roys’ tradition of crafting lighthearted celebrations. They wanted to draw attention to Lebanon’s friendly community, scenic parks, and local specialties like Lebanon bologna and Wertz Candies.

The idea was to showcase the town’s potential and charm in a humorous way, suggesting it could become the new center for entertainment​​.

How to Celebrate Move Hollywood and Broadway to Lebanon, P.A. Day

Celebrating this day encourages people to explore the unique aspects of small towns and think creatively about cultural hubs. It also brings joy and laughter, staying true to the Roys’ mission of spreading happiness through their inventive holidays.

This day has since become a delightful reminder of the community spirit and whimsical thinking​.

Tweet the Stars

Send a tweet to your favorite Hollywood or Broadway stars. Ask them to consider moving to Lebanon, P.A.

Share fun facts about the town to entice them. Include pictures of local landmarks to give them a glimpse of what they are missing.

Plan a Visit

Take a trip to Lebanon, P.A. Explore Coleman Memorial Park or Stoever’s Dam Park. Enjoy the scenic trails, or have a picnic.

Don’t forget to visit the Lebanon Farmers Market for some fresh local produce and unique crafts.

Host a Movie Night

Watch movies set in small towns. Imagine what they would look like if filmed in Lebanon.

Try watching “Lebanon, P.A.” for a closer look at the town’s charm. Invite friends and serve snacks featuring Lebanon bologna.

Create a Mini Broadway Show

Put on a mini Broadway show at home. Gather friends and family for a fun night of performances. Use simple props and costumes to bring the magic of Broadway to your living room.

Make it a competition for added excitement.

Try Local Recipes

Cook dishes featuring Lebanon bologna or Wertz Candies. Share recipes with friends and have a virtual cooking party.

Compare creations and vote on the best presentation. Enjoy the unique flavors of Lebanon P.A. from the comfort of your kitchen​.

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