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The Day of the Horse was created to remember and pay tribute to the cultural, historic, and economic contributes that horses have made. Equine enthusiasts will often get together so that they can show their appreciation for these incredible creatures. And, as you will soon discover, there are a number of different ways that you can observe the Day of the Horse yourself. It does not matter whether you have never been on a horse in your life or you are a seasoned rider, we can all appreciate the amazing work that horses have done over the years and just how precious these animals are.

History Of Day Of The Horse

The Day of the Horse has been honored since 2004. People from all around the world take the time to honor this animal and consider the role that horses have played in making our countries what they are today. From thoughtful equine therapy to moving supplies and food in rural areas and helping with plowing fields; horses have a diverse and considerable role to play in our societies and this is something that we should most definitely recognise.

While we’re on the subject of history, we should also mention the fact that horses have lived on Earth for over 50 million years. The first horses originated in North America, then spreading to Europe and Asia. the horses that left North America then became extinct roughly 10,000 years ago. They were then introduced by colonizing Europeans. According to the Oklahoma State University, it is thought that the first horses to be domesticated were in Asia between the years of 3000 and 4000 BC. Back in those days, horses were primarily used for meat and milk. Eventually, though, they joined oxen as a type of animal that was used for transportation.

Facts About Horses

Horses are incredible creatures, and there are more than 400 different horse breeds. A horse can weigh as much as 998 kilograms and they can be as big as 175 cm from hoof to shoulder. Of course, tiny horses are in existence too. The smallest breed of horse can weigh as little as 54 kilograms and be as small as 76 cm. You will find horses in every country across the globe, with Antarctica being the only exception to this.

Horses live in groups known as herds, and they are very social animals. In the world, a herd can consist of anything from three to 20 animals. A stallion, which is a mature male horse, will lead the herd. The rest of the herd is made up of female horses and their young.

We’ve put together some surprising and interesting facts about horses for you as well…

  • Scientists believe that horses have evolved from much smaller creatures over the past 50 years.

  • It is believed that there are approximately 60 million horses around the world.

  • The quickest sprinting speed that has been recorded of a horse is 88 kph.

  • Horses are capable of seeing almost 360 degrees at one time because their eyes are on the side of their head.

  • Horses have larger eyes than any other type of mammal that is on the land.

  • A 19th-century horse is said to have lived for 62 years; he was known as Old Billy. This is remarkable when you consider that domestic horses have a lifespan of approximately 25 years.

  • Horses are able to sleep both standing up and lying down.

If you are interested in some famous racehorses who have achieved great things and have beautiful stories to share, we have a few to recommend. In recent times, the story of Sprinter Sacre is a touching one. Suffering from heart problems, he was dethroned and retirement seemed inevitable, but he came back and done the unthinkable! Do some digging online; you will find some truly amazing stories.

How to celebrate Day Of The Horse

There are so many different ways that you can celebrate and observe the Day of the Horse, and so we have put together some suggestions for you…

  • Go for a horse ride. This is one of the best ways to celebrate the Day of the Horse. If you have never been on a horse before, this is an experience you will never forget.
  • Raise awareness about everything that horses have done for us. When we think about horses today, we often think about horse racing and how thoroughbred horses power across the finishing line in spectacular fashion. However, there are horses all over the world that are helping humans in many different ways, and so it is good to raise awareness about this animal and everything the species has done for us. You can simply post some messages on your social media accounts or you could write a blog post.
  • If you have a horse, of course, the day should be spent treating it and letting them know just how special they are and how much they mean to you.
  • Spend the day in clothing that shows you are a horse person. Of course, if you’re going to work in an office, we don’t recommend wearing breeches, boots, and a riding hat. A subtle touch will do! For example, you could buy a piece of jewelry with a horseshoe or horse pendant.
  • Watch a horse movie. There are some really great films out there that are based on the story of some pretty incredible horses. Two of our favorites are Secretariat and Seabiscuit. If you’ve seen them both, give The Black Stallion a try!
  • Volunteer your time at a horse-related non-profit. It will be greatly appreciated, and you never know, it is something you might decide to do more of in the future.
  • You could also donate supplies or money to a reputable non-profit horse recuse organization. Of course, you can opt to fundraise instead. There are lots of different ways that you can fundraise today. This includes hosting a fundraising event, such as a fun run. You could also decide to make items relating to horses, and then you can sell them donating some of the profits or all of them to a charity of your choice.

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