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Take some time to show how much horses are loved and appreciated for National I Love Horses Day!

History of National I Love Horses Day

Since the time humans began domesticating these creatures up to 6000 years ago, horses have played an important role in the culture and lives of people. Horses and people have had an incredible, symbiotic relationship that has allowed humans to expand their ability to work and travel, while providing care, nurture and feeding for these domesticated animals.

Many horses have even given their lives for their humans while working or fighting in wars. Horses make great companions and friends for humans as they are gentle, for the most part, and yet very powerful.

And this is probably why National I Love Horses Day was started! Because they are beloved and cherished by so many, that a day of appreciation for them seems fitting.

How to Celebrate National I Love Horses Day

Spend National I Love Horses Day observing and celebrating this beautiful animal that has been a benefit to humans for so many reasons. Try out some of these ideas for celebrating:

Ride a Horse

Spending time with a horse is the perfect way to celebrate National I Love Horses Day. Whether going for a ride on your own horse or visiting a favorite local stable, taking an extra apple or carrot for them would be a lovely special treat.

Catch a View of Wild Horses

While North America used to be filled with wild horses, there really aren’t very many left in the USA. Most of them live in the western states, such as Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico and a few others.

In addition, a few state parks in the US still house wild horses. On the east coast, wild horses can be found at places such as Assateague Island State Park in Maryland; Wild Horse Reservoir State Park in Nevada; Grayson Highlands State Park in Virginia; and Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park in Florida.

Watch a Movie About Horses

For those who can’t get to a live horse in observance of National I Love Horses Day, perhaps watching some in a film would be a fun activity. Here are some titles to get started with:

  • Black Beauty (2020). Probably the quintessential horse story, Black Beauty has been recently brought back to the limelight again with a film starring Kate Winslet as the voice of the beloved horse as she narrates the story of her own life. 
  • Secretariat (2010). Based on a true account, this film tells the story of a woman who takes charge of her father’s stable without any knowledge of racing. She then makes history by winning the first triple-crown in 25 year, with her horse, Secretariat. 
  • War Horse (2011). This Stephen Spielberg film, based on the novel of the same name, tells about a beloved horse, Joey, who is bought by the British Army for World War I. The horse has many encounters throughout Europe during the war, including being captured by Germans at one point.

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