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May 16th
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Learn about Horse Rescue Day

At RSPCA Australia there is a huge problem with horses being mistreated. When horses are mistreated our team of Inspectors step in and rescue animals in need. Each year we see hundreds of horses come through our doors in need of desperate help and vet treatment. Horses are expensive to own and it costs our charity hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to care for these horses until they are well enough to be re homed or put into foster care. We hope that this day can raise the profile of rescue horses in Australia and encourage people to consider taking on the responsibility of a horse that has has a tough start at life.

At RSPCA we help hundreds of thousands of animals each year. It is easier to find homes for smaller animals like dogs, kittens, rabbits and puppies but much harder to rehome horses. This day will enable us to gain the necessary traction to continue to help horses in need.

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