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Dog Separation Anxiety Awareness Day seeks to inform pet owners with science-led, ethical and compassionate methods that allow dogs to cope with the anxiety that comes from being apart from their humans! 

History of Dog Separation Anxiety Awareness Day

In honor of all of those dogs (some say up to half!) who get stressed out and anxious from being left alone, Dog Separation Anxiety Awareness Day was founded to draw attention to this common problem. This event was established by Jo Sellers, an accredited dog trainer in the UK who believes that good behavior from dogs comes from a combination of training and understanding.

According to Sellers and other pet trainers, an important factor in dog training is the awareness of dog separation anxiety. While many pet owners may believe that their dogs are simply being naughty when their humans are away, the truth is that a large number of dogs are simply anxious and distressed from being left alone.

Signs of dogs that are experiencing separation anxiety may include excessive barking or howling, trembling or shaking, pacing, whining, drooling, digging, and urinating or defecating inside the house. Other compulsive behaviors may even cause harm to themselves, such as nipping or chewing on a leg or tail, or aggressive behavior toward others.

How to Celebrate Dog Separation Anxiety Awareness Day

Find out more about this common issue with dogs and get connected by celebrating Dog Separation Anxiety Awareness Day with some of these activities:

Learn About Dog Separation Anxiety 

Any pet owners who aren’t sure if their dog is affected by dog separation anxiety can check in with a dog trainer, veterinarian or other expert. In addition, try reading some online articles that offer more education and check out some of these important facts in honor of Dog Separation Anxiety Awareness Day:

  • Some research suggests that 8 out of 10 dogs don’t cope well when they are left alone, but up to half don’t show obvious signs.

  • Separation anxiety in dogs can be triggered by a number of causes, such as a change in schedule, change of caretaker, loss of a family member, or moving residences.

  • Dog separation anxiety can be upsetting to the household, but it is preventable and treatable.

Host a Dog Separation Anxiety Awareness Day Event

Dog trainers, veterinarians, and groups of concerned dog owners can get together to host events to make a difference in honor of Dog Separation Anxiety Awareness Day. Consider holding a pet-friendly educational event in the park or at a local event space, where dog trainers and vendors can offer opportunities for community members to come together, learn more and get access to resources.

Work to Prevent Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Pet owners can do a number of things that may help reduce the stress dogs feel on a regular basis. This might include leaving the house and returning quietly instead of making a big deal out of it. Owners who are able can try bringing their dogs with them when running errands, as long as they aren’t left in the car for too long or in severe temperatures. Also, try shopping at stores or attending events that are pet-friendly so Rover can come along!

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