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Dry Shampoo is a must for people who don’t have time to wash their hair before work. It not only freshens up your hair, but it saves time and helps avoid social awkwardness in the workplace. Hence, Dry Shampoo day is a day that lauds the useful product that is dry shampoo.

History of National Dry Shampoo Day

National Dry Shampoo Day is a fairly recent holiday, but the origins of dry shampoo have a long history. According to Toni&Guy Hairdressing Academy, dry shampoo has been around since the 15th century, when people in Asia would use clay as a refresher for their hair and in the 17-1800’s, Europeans would ground starches to freshen up their hair under their wigs.

The first commercial dry shampoo was introduced in 1940 and from there it was brought into mainstream culture as a must-use product for quick easy fixers for messy hair. Then Klorane, a European botanical beauty brand known for its high-quality dry shampoos, declared this as a national holiday in 2017.

According to PRNewswire, because of the effects of daylight savings time and less time for hair routines, Klorane decided that this holiday would be the perfect solution towards giving people their hair care needs.

The company’s dry shampoo collection gives a variety of formulas for different types of hair, but the company sees this holiday as an opportunity to celebrate dry shampoo as a “secret weapon” against the oily, frizzy, or dry hair in between showers.

Klorane started over 50 years ago in Southwest of France by a young pharmacist, Pierre Fabre, who advanced the idea of “botanical beauty care”, using eco-friendly plants as a basis for their products. National Dry Shampoo Day launched last year with Klorane’s #DryShampooAuthority campaign, allowing people to rejoice in the innovation of dry shampoo.

How to celebrate National Dry Shampoo Day

Check out some styling tips online about how to apply dry shampoo into your everyday routine. When you’re searching online for dry shampoos, not all dry shampoos work the same, so check out the ingredients of the products you buy and look for more natural ingredients.

Some come in powders and some come in sprays, so research online what kind of product would be best for you. Dry Shampoos are not something you can use on their own, however, every so often you’re going to need to get your hair wet and wash out the build-up that comes from constantly using a powder. Dry Shampoos are amazing though and serve as great tools for maintaining colored hair without washing it out.

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