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An apple a day keeps the doctor away.


When one thinks of an apple it isn’t the vibrant green color of the Granny Smith apple that jumps to mind, nor is it the mottled red and yellow stripes of the Fuji Apple. No, indeed. The apple that comes to mind is the Red Delicious apple. The Red Delicious is so ingrained in our minds as what an apple looks like, that if you ask a child to draw an apple, without question it’s going to be the red crayon they reach for.

That’s why Eat A Red Apple Day exists–to celebrate this iconic member of the apple family, and its history.

So get ready for Eat a Red Apple Day!

History of Eat A Red Apple Day

America became quite the hotbed of apple development after the travels of Johnny Appleseed and, by the late 1800’s, apple trees were everywhere in an amazing rainbow of delicious variety. So much so, in fact, that apple varieties were being developed as a response to the ease of transporting apples on a commercial level around the United States.

The ‘Ben Davis’ Apple was the reigning king of apples in 1880, due to its ability to handle rough growing conditions and its ability to keep for a long time. But it wasn’t considered the best tasting one, and as moving produce from farm to store became easier, better tasting apples began to win out.

Red Delicious held its position as the most popular apple in the world well into the 1980’s, when its popularity began to decline. How popular was it, exactly? Washington State is one of the biggest producers of apples, and the Red Delicious constituted 75% of the state’s production! While it has shrunk to 1/3rd of that amount since, it’s still a massive part of the world’s production of apples.

How To Celebrate Eat A Red Apple Day

Celebrating Eat a Red Apple Day can be super simple (just, you know, eat a red apple!) or more involved. However it is celebrated, it’s bound to be healthy and delicious!

Try out these ideas for celebrating Eat a Red Apple Day:

Eat a Red Apple, Of Course!

Oh go ahead! Grab a red apple for breakfast or pack one in that lunch box before leaving for work. Apples make a delightful after school snack, on their own or sliced and dipped in peanut butter or caramel sauce. Use red apples in a fruit salad or throw some apple slices on a peanut butter sandwich, or make them into applesauce. The options are virtually endless!

Try a Red Apple Taste Test

Not sure which of the red apples is the best? Host a taste test with friends to decide. Of course, some varieties are better eaten on their own, while other varieties are better when used for cooking or baking.

Try out a few different options to see which is best. Or, better yet, make an event out of it with family and friends and hold a blind taste test to see who can tell the difference!

These are some great Red Apples to get started with:

  • Honeycrisp Apples
    Juicy with a perfect balance of sugary sweetness and some tartness too, Honeycrisp red apples are delightful when used in recipes or ciders.
  • McIntosh Apples
    Sweet and tangy, this red apple is considered to be Canada’s national apple. Eat them raw or use them for cooking and baking.
  • Winesap Apples
    One of the most tart apples, these reds are perfect for making ciders.
  • Gala Apples
    Leaning toward the lighter side of red apples (with yellow streaks), these are crisp and mildly sweet, good for cooking and baking.

Throw an Eat a Red Apple Day Party

Red apple lovers unite! Some people will find any excuse to have a party and this is certainly a fun one. For a Red Apple Day party, consider using these ideas:

  • Have a Red Apple Themed Menu
    Of course, it’s necessary to serve lots of red apples on this day. Use them for cooking and baking treats, or just place them out on a tray for guests to grab as they go.
  • Make Candy Apples
    A fun party activity revolving around apples simply involves putting the apples on sticks, dipping them into a sugar candy coating. It’s a fun treat for guests to take home with them.
  • Make “Red Apple” Cupcakes
    Looking for baked treats that don’t actually have apples in them? Make up some standard yellow cupcakes and decorate them when red icing with a brown stem and green leaves to resemble apples.
  • Play Red Apple Games
    Have two teams of people stand a few feet apart and take turns tossing apples into a bushel basket. Or play pass the apple, where an apple is passed down the line underneath the chin.

Share a Red Apple (or Two!)

Apples are much more delicious when shared! So buy a bag and hand them out at the office or at school so that everyone can enjoy this delicious all-American apple.

Eat A Red Apple Day is also a great time to indulge in everyone’s favorite: Apple Pie!

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