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For more than three decades, the idea that people need to be intelligent not only in IQ, but also in emotions, has been an emerging concept that has made its way into the mainstream in more recent years. 

The book Emotional Intelligence: Why it Can Matter More Than IQ, written by Daniel Goleman, was one of the seminal works on the topic, beginning an important shift in the way people view their world and their relationships. Since that time, many books have been written and even graduate degree programs have been created that focus on the important factor of being not only filled with knowledge and information, but also able to handle interpersonal relationships in a healthy manner.

Today, the celebration of Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month offers a vital opportunity to educate young people as well as adults about the benefits of emotional intelligence and how to practice it in the workplace as well as in everyday life!

History of Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month

The annual campaign to educate people about emotional intelligence through the observance of Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month began in 2006. Each year the Emotional Intelligence Institute organizes the campaign and offers a number of educational materials for free on the non-profit organization’s website

With emotions now being understood as the main architect of the human mind, it is imperative for adults and youth alike to better understand how to manage emotions and develop healthier minds. And Emotional Intelligence Awareness Day aims to do just that by offering opportunities to learn, grow and become more interested in topics that revolve around emotions and relationships.

How to Celebrate Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month

Wondering about the best ways to celebrate Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month? Get started with some of these ideas:

Take an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Test

Just like IQ (Intelligence Quotient) tests that have been formulated to determine how smart a person’s brain is, EQ surveys offer insight into a person’s ability to function in an emotionally healthy manner. The great thing about emotional intelligence is that it can always be learned, no matter how old a person is! So even those who might score low can always find ways to improve, change and grow.

Several EQ tests can be found through a quick online search, including a number that have been collected by the sponsor of Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month, the Emotional Intelligence Institute. 

Learn More About Emotional Intelligence

Reading a book, taking a class, or even just diving into some online articles can help a person to grow and change in their emotional intelligence (EQ). Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month offers 31 full days to gain a footing on the main principles, and then start a lifetime full of practice from there!

Practice Emotional Intelligence

Try out by practicing some of these foundational principles of EQ in celebration of Emotional Intelligence Awareness Day, whether in relationships at work, in the family or with friends: 

  • Observe your feelings. The first step in becoming intelligent is being aware! Take note of different feelings on different occasions and practice naming them.
  • Notice behaviors. Take note of how your behavior changes when you feel certain ways and then consider what’s behind that behavior. Managing emotions is much smoother when we know why we are acting a certain way.
  • Take Responsibility for Feelings. Instead of playing the blame game, become the owner of your feelings and then learn how to manage them responsibly.

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