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Join in on the fun and celebrate National Croc Day by showing off those Crocs in style and comfort!

History of National Croc Day

Crocs began their journey in 2002 in Boulder, Colorado when the original makers wanted to create a boating shoe out of foam. Perfect for being able to get wet and then dry off easily, the formed foam was also as comfortable as it was practical.

The Crocs name simply came from the practical fact that the top of the shoe looks vaguely like the snout of a crocodile. And the rest is history!

Not long after their release, Crocs began gaining a following in the demographic of middle school and high school students in the US. Since then, the Crocs company has evolved in offering lines of shoes that still meet the requirements of comfort and practicality, but some are tailored toward more mature customers.

Still the most basic crocs, with the holes on top and a strap on the back that can be converted into a clog, are the most iconic. Crocs can be purchased in all sorts of different bright colors, including Stars and Stripes or Tie Dye. Plus, the holes in the shoes allow them to be decorated with small charms with various pictures and characters on them, called Jibbitz.

Designers have even gotten on board with Crocs. In a unique twist, designer Liberty London cooperated with Crocs in 2020 to create a pink patterned Croc shoe that was wrapped in a silk scarf. Alife is another collaborator who, in 2018, created the Crocs shoes with built-in socks.

But the most outrageous of all is a collaboration with Balenciaga in 2020, which produced a black, platform Croc shoe with metal bolts and screw studs around the sole, retailing at a whopping $925.

National Croc Day is here to celebrate and appreciate everything to do with this fascinating shoe that has been around for two decades and is still going strong!

How to Celebrate National Croc Day

Enjoy the fun of National Croc Day with some of these fun ideas for celebrating:

Wear Those Crocs

Of course, the most important activity of the day is to choose the most fun, outrageous pair of crocs from the closet and put them on. Don’t have any Crocs? That’s no problem! It’s easy to pick up a pair locally or order them online to arrive in time for the annual celebration of National Croc Day.

Get a New Pair of Crocs

Looking for something fun, comfortable and non-slip for those feet? Crocs might just be the right thing. Plus, they can be found in so many different styles and colors. The company not only makes shoes in slides and clogs, but also offers runners, wedges, flip flops and even shoes specifically for nurses and other medical professionals.

And for those who already have enough shoes but want to celebrate National Croc Day? Perhaps get a new Jibbitz charm to add to the collection.

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