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No matter how many members there are or which generations are involved, a family can provide a precious opportunity for making a way in the world. But it can be difficult in these modern times to keep everyone active, eating right and living their best lives. Family Health and Fitness Day is working as a reminder that it can be fun to stick together and commit to healthy priorities that can last a lifetime! 

History of Family Health and Fitness Day

Family Health and Fitness Day began in 1996 when it was founded by the Health Information Resource Center with the purpose of promoting involvement from the whole family in physical activity, exercise and fitness. Another version of this event is celebrated on the second Saturday in June and is sponsored by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA). But no matter when it is celebrated (why not do both?), this is an important event to promote happy, healthy and strong families.

How to Celebrate Family Health and Fitness Day

Individual families, schools, scout troops, Moms’ groups, neighborhoods and others in the community can get involved with Family Health and Fitness Day in a wide variety of ways. Check out some of these ideas to get started with enjoying this event:

Enjoy Outdoor Activities with the Family

During this time of the year, it’s likely that the weather in the northern hemisphere will be warm enough to spend some time outdoors, barring rain. Make plans for everyone in the family to head over to a local park or greenspace together, where the adults and kids can get their exercise in a number of ways.

Bring some kites or a paddle game and challenge each other to a competition. Take advantage of tennis or pickleball courts. Shoot some hoops at the basketball court or enjoy some rollerblading along the paved paths. Family Health and Fitness Day is a great reminder of how fun it is to laugh, play and exercise together in a healthy manner!

Host a Community Health & Fitness Event

Schools, sports facilities, churches, parks & recreation departments and others can get involved with this day by sponsoring different events that encourage families to bond in healthy ways. It would be great to host a family games event outdoors, hold healthy meal preparation classes for young moms, provide different health screenings from local medical providers or healthcare centers, and much more. Get creative to meet the needs of parents, grandparents and children of all ages in honor of Family Health and Fitness Day!

Check Out Facts About Healthy Families 

In celebration of Family Health and Fitness Day, it might be helpful to consider, and perhaps share, some interesting and important facts related to the health of adults and children. Take a look at some of these to get started with:

  • Children today are experiencing record levels of obesity and diseases that are preventable with healthy eating and regular activity

  • People who use parks and green spaces are less likely to have health complaints, decreased blood pressure and stronger ability to handle problems

  • Children who have ADHD may be able to focus better after a 20-minute walk

  • Youth who live in neighborhoods with active parks and recreation centers are much more likely to be active five times a week or more

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