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This day pays respect for and acknowledges the different ways that folks of varying degrees of ability are able to participate in and enjoy recreation, activities and sports. With at least 15% of the world who lives with some sort of disability, it’s vitally important to be sure that everyone is able to be included and involved based on their special circumstances. 

Join in on the fun and celebration of Special Recreation for the Disabled Day!

History of Special Recreation for the Disabled Day

Special Recreation for the Disabled Day was birthed out of the movement in the mid-to-late 20th century to actively include more and more people in various recreational activities, games and sports. From the first Paralympics in 1960, the support for those with disabilities to be included in sporting events has continued to grow and become more popular.

The purpose behind Special Recreation for the Disabled Day is to raise awareness about existing opportunities while encouraging different individuals, families, groups and communities to create more new opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in.

While sporting events may certainly be involved in this day, there are other recreational activities that can be encouraged as well. This might include painting, scrapbook making, or even singing and playing an instrument as a way to participate in Special Recreation for the Disabled Day.

How to Celebrate Special Recreation for the Disabled Day

Looking for ideas on how to get involved with Special Recreation for the Disabled Day? Consider some of these ideas for joining in:

Attend or Participate in Some Disabled Games

Those who live in communities that have sporting events or tournaments for people with disabilities may want to get involved with Special Recreation for the Disabled Day by attending an event. Watch a game that is played by people who are in wheelchairs, such as basketball, rugby, tennis or even fencing. Other events might take place as well, so head on out to join as a player or to cheer someone else on!

Host a Recreation Event for the Disabled

Schools, community centers and other groups can take Special Recreation for the Disabled Day as an opportunity to host an event. This event could meet the needs of disabled people in the community, organizing local businesses and volunteers to host the event by providing activities. This day acts as a great way to raise awareness about abilities and promote unity and understanding within the community.

Volunteer or Make a Donation

Various non-profit organizations are set up to assist with putting on sporting events for those with different abilities, including the Special Olympics foundation, the Disabled Athlete Sport Association, the Challenged Athlete Foundation and many others. Check out these groups to get more information on how to get involved through volunteering, participating or making a donation to support the charity.

Other days on the calendar that shine a bright light on celebrating people with differing abilities include Superhuman Day in September,  International Disability Day in December, and the International Day of Acceptance which takes place in January.   

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