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Since man first started killing animals and wearing their skins, furs have been all the rage. Beaver fur, ocelot fur, wolf fur, bear fur, if it had four legs and a fuzzy exterior, we were going to use it as this year’s latest fashion.

To be fair, in ages past fur was utterly necessary, the same thing that kept our prey animals warm during the winter was being borrowed to help our ancestors survive the same. But times have changed, and with electric heating and synthetic fibers, there’s no longer a need for fur.

But it sure looks fantastic, even hundreds of years of fiber development can’t change the fact that fur is a classic look that will never go out of style. But along with the fiber industry, our sensibilities have changed as well, and slaughtering tasty animals for their furs is no longer looked upon favorably.

So what’s a lover of fuzzy clothes to do? Abandon it? Not at all! Faux Fur Friday is the answer to all of your animal hide needs, without the aching conscience.

History of Faux Fur Friday

The first fake furs started coming into the scene in the 1900s, with ‘fur’ being made from the wool of either newborn or unborn lambs. Since that day fake furs have been expanding throughout the world and fashion industry. During the hey-day of fur fashion, fake furs were a way for those less financially enriched to get into the fur fashion.

Fur was considered to say a lot about the person wearing it, with Vogue Magazine stating that the fur you wear will reveal “the kind of woman you are and the kind of life you will lead.”

An expert in 1924 once told the Times that when a fur of any kind becomes fashionable, the (textile) trade will hunt for a substitute. Every girl wants to look like the fashionista’s and would pay for the opportunity to do so.

But what started as a way to produce realistic fake furs soon turned itself to a new pursuit, fake furs had the benefit of being able to be produced in any color and pattern, and thus bright purple leopard prints became viability, and soon turned to fashion.

How to celebrate Faux Fur Friday

Need we say it? Spend the day decked out in Faux Furs! Get your best outfit together or invest in a new one, and show the world that Faux fur is still in. You can even have a themed party where everyone shows up wearing their fuzzy best.

Faux Fur Friday is a great opportunity to bring back the 70’s when the Frankly Fake Furs were in their hey-day, or you can use Faux Fur to host a 1920’s themed party where everyone shows up at their most (faux) elegant!

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