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Do you consider yourself a good flirt? A lot of people love the art of flirting, and they consider themselves to be a pro! However, there are then a lot of people that hate flirting. The thought of it makes them cringe. No matter what category you fall into, International Flirting Week is the perfect opportunity for you to get your flirt on and practice your flirt game! Read on to discover everything you need to know.

Learn about International Flirting Week

As you may have guessed, International Flirting Week is all about mastering the art of flirting. This is the perfect opportunity for you to practice your skills. If there is a guy or girl that you have had your eye on for quite some time, there is no longer any time to waste. You need to use this opportunity to practice your flirting skills! Yes, there is an art to it!

The history of International Flirting Week

International Flirting Week has been celebrated for a number of years now. After all, we are all a bit obsessed with love, aren’t we? Plus, the dating scene has changed dramatically in recent years, with online dating playing a significant role in people’s lives. This has meant that we have had to change the way that we flirt. However, the principles have remained the same. Starting off with a good smile and maintaining eye contact are both the staples when it comes to flirting with someone. Also, be confident, even if you have to fake it!

How to celebrate International Flirting Week

Yes, you guessed it; the best way to celebrate International Flirting Week is by flirting! If you are in a relationship, though, we only encourage you to flirt with your partner, of course! You may want to add some spice back into your relationship in tribute to International Flirting Week.

For those of you out there who are single, International Flirting Week is your time to shine! Get your best flirting game on, and make your moves. If you are confident, you may simply walk up to the person you are interested in and work your magic. If you are not, don’t panic. There are a lot of great books and resources out there that can help you to become a better flirt. You can read these during International Flirting Week to get a few pointers before you make your move.

However, we have one piece of advice for you, and that is to be yourself! There are a lot of people who feel comfortable being an outrageous flirt, and that is fine! However, there are also a lot of people who are shy and don’t feel comfortable approaching people in that manner, which is also fine! The key is to flirt in a manner that feels comfortable to you. For example, you may prefer to flirt with someone via text message instead of doing it in person. In today’s digital age, sending a flirty text counts! Nevertheless, if you feel like you’re ready, flirting in person is a lot better!

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