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When you hear about flying kites, do you automatically hear the Mary Poppins song in your head? If you don’t then you obviously haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying that lovely movie! Take the time to watch it and you won’t be disappointed. But we were talking about National Kite Flying Day! Yes, it is a holiday I promise! So, get down into your basement and dig out that kite you have not looked at in years. It’s time to get out into the fresh air!

History of National Kite Flying Day

Kites have been bringing joy and relaxation since the 5th century in China. Kites are made of different parts that when working together allow for the high-flying tricks that we all love to watch. Those parts are the wings, tethers, and anchors. The kite is designated as a heavier-than-air craft that is tethered with wing surfaces that react as the air drags and lifts around them. National Kite Flying Day was created to remind us of the feeling of freedom that one feels when guiding a kite through the currents of air.

Do you recall those days back in school when you were little and it was the day to make kites? Brightly colored paper sprinkled with glitter and ribbons were the typical creation. Were you able to get yours to take flight? I recall the sounds of giggles and encouraging yells as one friend would run and run hoping the kite would spring from their hands and into the air. Were you the one who held the string? Were you able to make the kite rise and fall and dip and spin?

How to celebrate National Kite Flying Day

Do you really need ideas on how to celebrate National Kite Flying Day? I’ll give you a few to get you started and I am sure once you set your mind to it, you’ll have more ideas that you can count. Let’s be like Mary Poppins! Gather all the kiddos in your life and make a party of it! Sit down and have a kite making session – glitter included! Then march on down to the park and go fly a kite! You may want to prepare yourself and the kids by calmly watching Mary Poppins and learn the Kite Flying Song! That way when you march to the park you can be sure to sing it as you go!

A little too crafty for you? Well, you could head to the hobby store and see what their kite flying options are. This might be where you find the trick kites and the ones that are much more than the simple creations of youth. Just make sure that if you decide to purchase your kite that you still find ways to make the experience magical!

Pack and lunch and don’t be in a hurry to bring the kite back to earth. While it is flying at the end of your string, let it take all the worries or sadness you have and let it fly away! That is really the most important way to celebrate National Kite Flying Day!

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