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In a little competition to see who could write the most epic horror story, Mary Shelley, her husband, Percy, and other creative friends such as the famous poet, Lord Byron, created some gory stories. And Mary Shelley’s story about Frankenstein’s monster was the most captivating.

History of Frankenstein Friday

First published anonymously in 1818, it wasn’t until the second edition in 1823 that Mary Shelley’s name appeared on this gothic work of fiction. Some people also consider Frankenstein to be one of the earliest examples of science fiction.

Sometimes referred to as The Modern Prometheus, the book is more commonly known as Frankenstein. Other works by Mary Shelley include The Last Man, Mathilda, The Mortal Immortal and others.

Founded by Ron MacCloskey in 1997, Frankenstein Friday is meant to celebrate the birth of the Frankenstein monster, as well as Mary Shelley, the creator and author. Frankenstein Friday is a fun and silly reason to celebrate and enjoy a variety of aspects of the day, including classic literature, the horror genre of books and films, and the continued rise of women as authors.

Enjoy the fun and horror of science fiction at its finest in celebration of Frankenstein Friday!

How to Celebrate Frankenstein Friday

Get involved with Frankenstein Friday in a number of ways, including some of these ideas:

Read Frankenstein

While many people have seen the Frankenstein films, it might be time to read (or re-read) this famous gothic novel written by Mary Shelley. A classic work of horror literature, Frankenstein tells the story of a scientist by the name of Victor who puts pieces of corpses together to create a man that is then brought to life.

A bit gory, the monster is an awful creature who ends up terrorizing the community, and Victor’s life is ruined throughout the process.

Host a Frankenstein Friday Party

Since it’s always held on a Friday, Frankenstein Friday is the perfect time to have a party! Invite some friends or family members over and encourage them to dress up as their favorite gothic or horror character.

Serve snacks and desserts that go along with the theme, such as Frankeguac-amole, green rice crispy treats, or monster cookies. And, of course, the soundtrack for Frankenstein Friday should include delightful horrible hits such as Monster Mash, Frankenstein’s Monster Song, Some Kind of Monster, or the soundtrack from the film Weird Science.

Watch a Frankenstein Movie

A favorite character depicted in science fiction and horror films, Frankenstein’s monster has had a variety of iterations. Beginning in 1910, a Frankenstein movie was produced as a silent film, making it even more unique. Following, there have been more than 30 different adaptations, film series and versions of the Frankenstein novel and its main character.
Themes for these films have included The Bride of Frankenstein, The Ghost of Frankenstein, Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man and many others. It was even made into a giddy, comedic adaptation with Abbott and Costello in 1948, called Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.

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