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A hallmark of Greek coffee culture from the 1950s onwards, the humbly delicious frappe has earned a yearly celebration. The frappe is distinguished by being one of the few beverages improved by the use of instant coffee!

Supposed, the frappe was created by a tired Nestle sales representative at the Thessaloniki Trade Fair who was beset by caffeine cravings. It’s often said that creativity flourishes in the face of restraint, and so it was when this beleagured man took some instant coffee, cold water, and ice, and shook his way to an internationally enjoyed drink.

There’s a surprising amount of science behind the frappe’s froth. Spray-dried instant coffee, and its lower oil content are the key to creating long-lasting bubbles. Freeze-dried instant coffee won’t cut it. The next time you complain that you can’t get a good coffee anywhere in a country, you might just be right!