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Whether you’re reading a magazine, scrolling through an e-book, or are reading one of the millions of click-bait articles that can be found on the internet one thing holds true, someone wrote that content.

In the vast majority of cases, the writer is working as an independent contractor or a Freelancer, and it’s likely that they weren’t even credited for the work they wrote.

Freelance Writers Appreciation Week celebrates these hardworking and underappreciated architects of the internet by raising awareness about the industry and the millions of people around the world who are a part of it.

History of Freelance Writers Appreciation Week

While we talked a lot about the internet and the modern world in the opening paragraph, don’t get the idea that freelance writing is a new career. For as long as the written word has been something you could get paid to use freelance writers have existed.

Whether we’re talking about the first authors of stories and magazines who sold them in written form, Charles Dickens writing his novels one chapter at a time for a penny a word, or the intrepid modern entrepreneur writing articles like this one, there have always been freelance writers.

If you’re thinking about producing a website to host your content, there’s a good chance you’ll be hiring a freelance writer to do a great deal of your writing for you.

Whether it’s the basic web content of your pages, product descriptions, or engaging content to keep your company’s blog interesting and relevant, a freelancer is going to make the job a whole lot easier.

It’s surprising how many people never think about where their written content comes from, or how many work hours it takes to produce the seemingly endless parade of it that is available.

How To Celebrate Freelance Writers Appreciation Week

For most of us, the best way to celebrate this holiday is simply to take the time to realize that the creation of the majority of the written content on the internet is being done by paid writers and hopeful bloggers.

Be sure to take some time to appreciate their craft and the work they put into something that has doubtless devoured countless hours of your time. If you’ve ever considered entering the field of freelance writing this is also an opportunity for you to explore the industry and see if there might be a place in it for you.

There’s a surprising amount of things to learn and know to be a freelance writer, and Freelance Writers Appreciation Week reminds us how important this skill set is to our modern experience.

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