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March 6th

Learn about Frozen Food Day

While you might expect Frozen Food Day to be the invention of a manufacturer of frozen food, it was actually inaugurated by US President Ronald Reagan in 1984! Food frozen slowly is not very tasty when defrosted, but ‘flash’ frozen food – the technique of freezing food quickly – keeps the food as fresh and delicious as it was when it was first frozen.

The flash freezing technique was developed by none other than Clarence Birdseye, inspired by seeing Inuit eating thawed fish which had been frozen months earlier. You might recognise the Birdseye name from the frozen food section!

Nowadays frozen food is a lifeline to many busy cooks, whether it is used for certain ingredients, such as frozen vegetables or the whole dish. We all have days when we’re tired and having a full meal in the freezer is so much easier than actually having to cook!

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