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Oh, Oh, Oh, O-R-E-O! For more than 100 years, Oreo cookies have been a companion to kids and adults of all ages, bringing the delicious taste of nostalgia and childhood to people all over the world!

Making its first appearance in 1912, the Oreo Cookie actually started out being called the Oreo Biscuit. Created and manufactured by the Nabisco (National Biscuit Company), the cookie was made from two crisp chocolate rounds filled with white cream. Starting out in Chelsea, New York City, the complex was located on Ninth Avenue, a street which eventually got a name change to become “Oreo Way”.

Since that time, the Oreo has been the best-selling cookie in the United States for many years. People love to eat the Oreo in a variety of ways, whether dunking it into a cool glass of milk, twisting it and licking the cream out of the center or just taking a crunchy bite.

National Oreo Cookie Day is here to celebrate the anniversary of the day when the first Oreo Cookie was introduced to the world!

National Oreo Cookie Day Timeline

7th Century AD

Cookies are invented

Cookies may have originated during this time in Persia, when sugar becomes more commonplace.


Nabisco company is formed

East Hanover, New Jersey sees the ‘National Biscuit Company’ formed, which is the parent company of the Oreo cookie.[1]


Oreo cookies are introduced

First called the Oreo Biscuit, this famous cookie gets its start.[2]


Oreo gets its final name change

Moving from Oreo Biscuit to Oreo Sandwich to Oreo Creme Sandwich, the name Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie finally sticks.


‘Milk’s Favorite Cookie’ campaign starts

Previously called ‘America’s Best Loved Cookie’ or ‘The One and Only’, the campaign changes in the early 21st century.[3]

Have fun and enjoy National Oreo Cookie Day with some of these fun and delicious ways to celebrate:

Share a Package of Oreo Cookies

National Oreo Cookie Day is the perfect time to head to the store, pick up a package of Oreo cookies and crack them open! In the US, most packages come with three rows of 13 cookies, totaling 39 in all. This means that this day offers a perfect opportunity for sharing. So fill up a couple of large glasses of milk and get ready to dip those Oreos and have a delicious snack!

Have tons of fun in honor of National Oreo Cookie Day by hosting a little gathering. Perhaps it could just be a little taste test party in the break room at work during lunch time, or maybe it’s a grander affair in the evening complete with invitations, a guest list and a wide array of music and dancing.

Whatever the case, the most important activity to engage in is a taste test of all of the different Oreo cookies that can be found. Regular Oreos, Double Stuf, Mint Oreos and Chocolate Oreos are just a few of the many different available flavors. For something particularly fancy, enjoy some Oreos that are covered in chocolate or white chocolate!

Oreo cookies can be far more than just a little afternoon snack. These delightful little sandwich cookies offer a variety of different options for culinary artists to get creative in the kitchen with dessert recipes.

Try out some of these ideas for inspiration on National Oreo Cookie Day, most of which can be made by simply adding the cookies to a traditional recipe most people have made in the past.

  • Oreo Stuffed Brownies. Make up a regular brownie mix and then place half the batter in the bottom of the baking pan. Place a layer of broken Oreo cookies on top and then add the rest of the brownie batter. Bake as usual.
  • Oreo Milkshakes. Loaded with ice cream and tasty sandwich cookies, this milkshake offers a delicious treat topped with homemade whipped cream and chocolate syrup.
  • Oreo Rice Krispie Bars. Get started with a traditional recipe for Rice Krispie treats and add broken Oreo cookies in. It’s a tasty alternative.
  • Turtle Candy Dipped Oreo Cookies. Much easier than making traditional turtle candies, this recipe combines Oreos with caramel, dipped in melted chocolate chips and topped with pecans.

Get Some Oreo Gifts and Gear

Celebrate National Oreo Cookie Day in the best way by grabbing some merch that’s Oreo related. The Oreo website offers all sorts of different items that can be purchased in celebration of the day, including sweatshirts, t-shirts and even fuzzy slippers. Not only that, but it might be fun to make a gift of some Oreo gear, like socks, tote bags, flip flops or an Oreo shaped embossed pillow to put right on the sofa!

Learn Some Fun Facts About Oreo Cookies

Did you know that half of the people who eat Oreo cookies pull them apart before they eat them?! Have tons of fun and raise awareness for National Oreo Cookie Day by learning and sharing some of these delightful facts about one of America’s favorite cookies:

  • Throughout the history of Oreo, the brand has released more than eighty five different flavors! This includes Lemon, Birthday Cake, Red Velvet, Churro, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, and so many others.

  • Oreo cookies can be found in more than 100 countries all over the world, and they are produced in 18 countries.

  • More than 40 billion Oreo cookies are made each year. If they were stacked together, they would be able to circle the earth five times!

  • In 2009, one of the world’s largest taste tests took place in Madrid, Spain. It included 1,471 people who taste tested Oreo cookies.

Pass Out Oreo Cookies to Friends

In celebration of National Oreo Cookie Day, perhaps it would be fun to gift some small Oreo gifts to friends, family members, coworkers or neighbors. Wrap up some cute little individually wrapped Oreos in some plastic bags or baking paper.

Add some pretty colored ribbon and a gift tag that says, “Happy Oreo Cookie Day!” Then pass them out to students and teachers at school, or even the crossing guard. Whoever you run across in the day will be delighted by sharing this little treat with them!

A day is always better when it has an appropriate soundtrack running behind it! Make a playlist with some cookie themed songs in honor of the day – get started with some of these:

  • Oreo Cookie Blues by Stevie Ray Vaughn (1985)
  • “C” is for Cookie by Cookie Monster (1973)
  • Cookie Jar by Gym Class Heroes (2008)
  • Who Stole the Cookie by The Jaynetts (1965)

National Oreo Cookie Day FAQs

Are Oreo cookies vegan?

In 1997, Oreo removed the lard from their cream and they contain no dairy, so the cookies are technically vegan. [1]

How many calories in an Oreo cookie?

A single Oreo cookie contains around 53 calories. [2]

Are Oreo cookies gluten free?

Oreo cookies contain wheat and therefore are not gluten free. [3]

Can Oreo cookies be frozen?

Yes. Oreo cookies can be frozen for up to 8 months. [4]

Do Oreo cookies contain dairy?

No! Oreo cookies are dairy free. [5]

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