Learn about White Chocolate Cheesecake Day

What can make cheesecake even better? Making it from chocolate, of course! There’s no better dish to dedicate a day to celebrating – especially if that involves eating it. Whoever decided to start White Chocolate Cheesecake Day must have been a big fan of this tasty dessert.

While you might expect cheesecake recipes to have originated in the 20th Century, you’d be wrong. A form of cheesecake actually dates back to the Ancient Greeks and seems to have been on offer at the first Olympic Games in 776 BC! The recipe spread from there and has been refined along the way, especially with the use of cream cheese rather than the flour, honey and cheese ingredients of the earliest version.

There are hundreds of variations of White Chocolate Cheesecake recipes, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect dessert. Alternatively, celebrate the day by making up your own version!



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