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National Fudge Day is a day to enjoy the deliciousness of this decadent, sweet candy that is appreciated all over the world. It cannot be denied that celebrating this delicious, tasty treat is a great way to spend just about any day, especially on National Fudge Day!

Fudge is a soft, smooth confectionary that is made by mixing and then heating milk, butter and sugar. A variety of other ingredients can then be added to create assorted varieties and flavors of fudge. Some of the most popular flavors include chocolate and peanut butter, but there’s a whole world out there of fudge flavors that are waiting to be explored.

Exploring new flavors of fudge and sharing them with loved ones is what National Fudge Day is all about!

History of National Fudge Day

Fudge is thought to have been an American invention. The earliest documented mention of fudge can be found in a letter composed by Emelyn Hartridge, who was studying at the time at Vassar College, located in Poughkeepsie, New York. The letter detailed that fudge had been made and sold in a grocery store in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1886. At the time, the cost of 40 cents per pound of fudge. From here, word of chocolate fudge spread to other women’s colleges and eventually became very popular in the US.

In fact, many people believe that the first incidence of fudge may have been a mistake. It seems it could have been an intended batch of caramels that went awry, or “fudged”. That would make sense of the way we still use the term “fudging” something today.

Other fudge recipes in the USA can be traced back to the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Mackinac Island, which is a popular vacation spot located off of the Upper Peninsula in northern Michigan, is a place that is well-known for its fudge-making prowess. Shops have been selling fudge here to summer vacationers since the late nineteenth century. Mackinac Island Fudge (as well as a delicious version of ice cream, including vanilla ice cream blended with small chunks of fudge) is still sold on the island and in surrounding areas today.

Modern fudge recipes remain largely unaltered from the originals that came about more than 150 years ago.

National Fudge Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the delightful and delicious beauty of making and eating fudge!

How to Celebrate National Fudge Day

Celebrating National Fudge Day can come with all sorts of ideas, such as these:

Make a Batch of Fudge

On National Fudge Day, why not try making a batch of delicious fudge?

While some fudge recipes can be complicated and require the use of a candy thermometer, other easier recipes only need access to a microwave. A simple way to get tasty fudge in a short time is to use this basic recipe, creating a delicious treat to make and enjoy right in the kitchen at home!

Easy Chocolate Fudge Recipe:

Melt three cups (700g) of chocolate chips along with fourteen ounces (400g) of sweetened condensed milk and ¼ cup (30g) of butter or margarine in a large bowl in the microwave.

Cook on medium heat for approximately four minutes, or until the chocolate chips have all melted, being sure to stir a couple of times during cooking.

Add in any extra ingredients (nuts, fruit, cookie crumbs, marshmallows, etc.) as desired and then stir well. Pour fudge mixture into a greased 8″x8″ glass dish and refrigerate until set. Simple, quick and tasty!

Experiment with Fudge Flavors

National Fudge Day is the perfect excuse to try some crazy new flavors of fudge. Think about sampling something interesting such as maple and pecan, or chomp down on some rocky road fudge. For those who want to go really wild, it might be fun to mix up some particularly unusual flavors, like carrot and orange, licorice fudge, or – for grown-ups only – tequila and lime.

Consider these unique and interesting types of fudge to make at home or buy from a local candymaker (or online!):

  • Confetti Cake Batter Fudge. This white fudge recipe actually uses the ingredients from a cake mix, along with white chocolate, sweetened condensed milk, butter, vanilla, and, of course, confetti sprinkles!
  • Snickerdoodle Fudge. Based on the flavors found in this beloved American cookie, snickerdoodle fudge is made with white chocolate, sweetened condensed milk, and of course cinnamon sugar.
  • Bailey’s Irish Cream Coffee Fudge. Using a basic vanilla fudge recipe as a base, this one also includes butterscotch morsels, marshmallow cream, coffee and, of course, a dash of Bailey’s.

Have a Fudge Contest at Work

It might even be fun to hold competitions with work colleagues, friends or family to see who can come up with the most bizarre (but still edible!) variety of fudge.

Throw a party where everyone shares their own created versions of fudge. Have judges on hand to determine which is the best. To make it into a charity event, auction off the best fudges or sell slices of fudge with proceeds going to a worthy cause.

Whatever delightful fudge-based activities are chosen, celebrating National Fudge Day is best when enjoyed with family, friends and others who have a serious sweet tooth. Happy National Fudge Day!

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