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Macaroons are easily one of our favorite cookies, and why wouldn’t they be? They come in a delightful combination of flavors and are always beautiful to behold if you like cookies that is. While they originate in Italy, there’s far more to these cookies than one nation can provide, which is why there are regional variations all over the world! Macaroon Day is a great opportunity to give them all a try, whether it’s the dark spiced coconut flavor from the Dominican Republic or the thick velvety chocolate of the Scottish Macaroon, you’re sure to find one you love!

History of Macaroon Day

The history of Macaroon Day starts in a place you might not imagine, an Italian monastery. You see, it was from this monastery that the macaroon recipe originated, eventually being brought to France and presented to the wife of King Henry the II, Catherine de Medici. For those who don’t know, Catherine de Medici held a position that was perhaps even more enviable than being the wife of a King. She was the daughter of the Medici family, one of the two powerful banking families of their time (the other being the Fuggers). With such powerful family connections, she could have had her choice of any confection in the world at the time, but it was the Macaroon she fell in love with.

Later in the Macaroon’s history came a bit of divine providence as two Benedictine nuns fled to Nancy, France, fleeing the persecution that was rife during the Revolution. While they were hiding out they decided they needed t have a way to support themselves and became renowned as the “Macaroon Sisters” for their daily delivery of delicious cookies.

Macaroon Day honors this ancient history and delicious tradition by encouraging you to go out and indulge in your favorite variety, and perhaps explore a few more!

How to celebrate Macaroon Day

The best way to celebrate Macaroon Day is to find and eat your favorite variety of macaroon. If you’re not familiar with macaroons, we strongly encourage you to go out and pick up a dozen varieties and share them with family and friends while you expand your own palette. Of course, if you keep them all to yourself, we wouldn’t blame you in the slightest. Almost all macaroons are made with coconut, but some of our favorite varieties are made with cashews blended in. What’s your favorite kind?