For those who fancy something a little bit sweet but also unique, why not chew on some licorice in honor and celebration of Licorice Day?!  

Enjoyed by people across the globe, licorice is a delectable treat that has a distinctive flavor and is found in many modern candies. Licorice Day is the perfect day to explore this unique flavor and celebrate everything about it! 

History of Licorice Day 

Licorice is extracted from the licorice plant and can be used for making candy, to flavor a drink (licorice tea is a popular example), and it also has some special medicinal purposes.

Ancient Egyptians would use licorice as a healing pharmaceutical. In fact, a great deal of it was found in the tomb of King Tut and hieroglyphics have been found that show it was enjoyed as a drink. Further along the line, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte were both recorded as using licorice for their health benefits. 

It wasn’t until the 17th century that records indicate licorice was made into candy in Holland. From there, sailors eventually shared this treat with people from other countries in Europe and, eventually, all over the world. Now, this type of candy is produced not only in Europe but also in Australia and the Americas. 

Created by Licorice International in 2004, Licorice Day celebrates the rich history and unique flavor of licorice. Although black licorice is the original, licorice also comes in many flavors and colors other than black. So for those who don’t really prefer the special taste of black licorice, it wouldn’t be a crime to celebrate the day with a different flavor! 

How to Celebrate Licorice Day 

Licorice Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate and enjoy everything that has to do with licorice. Consider these ways to get into the spirit of the day: 

Try a New Type of Licorice

In addition to the standard flavors of licorice, such as black, strawberry or cherry, people can have access to an entire range of licorice candies. Licorice International is a company that sells more than 160 flavors of licorice from 14 different countries. Surely this will provide anyone with an opportunity to try something new. 

Some of the most popular types include: 

  • Sweet Finnish Licorice. These are classic, short tubes of black licorice candy, made from real licorice extract. 
  • Licorice Chalk. This is a unique treat hailing from the Old World, it looks exactly like a piece of white school chalk but it boasts a minty shell on the outside and licorice flavor on the inside. 
  • Black Licorice Caramels. Exactly what the name says, this soft creamy caramel candy is infused with the flavor of black licorice. 
  • BlackJack Chewing Gum. This classic licorice-flavored gum has been around off-and-on since 1884, but a manufacturer recently committed to bringing it back. 

Share Licorice with Friends and Family 

Some great ways you can share the enjoyment of Licorice Day with friends and family include giving licorice as a gift. Take some to work to share with coworkers. Let them try one of the unique and interesting flavors listed above. Or, for those who are adventurous in the kitchen, consider trying to make it at home and then sharing. 

Learn More About Licorice 

For this day, consider doing a little research to find out more about the history and health benefits of this important plant and its uses. Start with these interesting facts: 

  • Licorice is a shrub (actually it’s a weed!) and the root is what is used to make the teas and candies. 
  • Licorice extracts may actually help to slow the effects of aging on the brain due to a compound called carbenoxolone.  
  • Aniseed is often used as a substitute for the licorice flavor. It is similar in flavor but does not have the same health benefits.

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