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Lovable and distinct, the koala is sadly vulnerable and at risk. Save the Koala Day was created to help this delightful species return to its healthy status!

History of Save the Koala Day

Started by the Australian Koala Foundation, Save the Koala Day is part of a bigger celebration which takes place during all of September, which is Save the Koala Month. As the habitat koalas live in is getting destroyed through deforestation, koalas are in need of help.

Save the Koala Day was begun as a time to raise awareness about the fact that koalas are at risk and have even been placed on the endangered species list. The future of these lovable, cuddly creatures that are native to Australia is in peril if the humans do not work together to help save them.

Gather some friends, family members or coworkers and make a commitment to helping through Save the Koala Day!

How to Celebrate Save the Koala Day

Humans who care can use this day have a great opportunity to enjoy the cuteness of koalas while raising awareness and helping with their plight. Try out some of these ideas to celebrate and enjoy Save the Koala Day:

Make a Donation to Save the Koalas

One of the most important ways that the average person can help with Save the Koala Day is to make a financial donation to an organization that works to help keep these furry little animals protected.

Donations can be made to one of these charitable organizations that help to protect koalas:

  • Australian Koala Foundation. This organization has been functioning since 1986 and they work toward protecting the environment, creating maps for koala habitats and more.
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Established in 1961, WWF helps treat injured koalas, rehabilitate them, return them to the wild, replant trees and help build better habitats for them.
  • Koala Hospital. Part of the Koala Conservation Australia charity, the Koala Hospital helps support the life-saving work to protect and care for koalas and their habitats.

Learn More About Koalas 

Save the Koala Day is a great time to gather fun facts and bits of trivia about koalas that can be shared in order to raise awareness about the need to help the koalas. Enjoy some of these fun facts:

  • Koalas are big eaters

    These little furry friends can eat up to a kilogram a day of eucalyptus, which is a low energy diet. But they’ll only choose from 50 of about 700 different species of the eucalyptus plant.

  • Koalas are sleepy little guys

    As nocturnal animals that need more sleep than most, koalas can sleep up to 18 hours per day. They wake during the night to forage for food.

  • Koalas are marsupials

    Though they have been called the misnomer “koala bears”, these creatures are actually marsupials, in the same family as kangaroos and wombats.

  • Baby koalas are called joeys

    Just like kangaroos, new koalas are referred to as joeys, as are opossums and wallabies.

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