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Do you find yourself lost in an absolute sea of clutter? Does that filing cabinet feel like more of a three story garbage can? Does your desk require an archaeological team to find? Do you often find yourself lost in a sea of ‘was that appointment today or sometime next week?’ only to find out that it was actually last week?

Then Get Organized Day may wind up being just the thing that is needed to get back on track! The one thing that can never be gotten back is time, and organization can save anyone absolute mountains of it by making sure they know where things are, how to find them, and where to put them back for the next time they are needed?

Get ready to learn about and celebrate Get Organized Day!

History of Get Organized Day

The History of this day isn’t hard to imagine. However, especially for those who know the sort of people that desperately need a day like ‘Get Organized Day’ in their lives, it may actually have taken a while to get started. Of course, first it was necessary to find out where all of those notes about getting organized were left.

Plus, then it would be necessary to spend a day organizing as you realized that finding it was going to be impossible in this current organization system. Then you’d find yourself exhausted after all the time you took to get organized, and when you were finally rested, you’d realize you’d have to get started all over again!

That might be just a small glimpse of what the life of a disorganized person is like. Precious time is wasted not by performing actual work, but by trying to find out what happened to all the things that are needed just to get started on the workday.

Organization comes in many forms, whether it is organizing a physical space, a schedule or something else. But one thing is known beyond question, that if people have all of their things sorted and organized where they can be found before they ever get down to work, everything from there on out is going to be so much easier.

Now it’s time to get going and celebrate Get Organized Day!

Get Organized Day Timeline


First Container Store opens 

Making its debut in Dallas, Texas, The Container Store opens its first of what will become more than 90 big box organizational stores throughout the US.[1]


First Franklin Planner is released 

Including a Prioritized Daily Task List, the organizational planner is the creation of Hyrum W. Smith, who named it after Benjamin Franklin.[2]


Real Simple magazine gets its start

An American monthly publication, this magazine features tips on keeping house, cooking, and generally maintaining a decluttered lifestyle.[3]


Tidying Up show first airs  

Marie Kondo begins her Netflix show and quickly becomes a worldwide organizational sensation to help people get their homes organized.[4]

How to Celebrate Get Organized Day

Alright, we can already hear the groans before we even get to it. How do you celebrate Get Organized Day? By getting organized, of course! Try out some of these ideas to get started, or get creative with your own ideas:

Organize That Filing System

Dig out all of those old “filing” systems that really amount to nothing more than a place to put things, and sort out what’s in there. Perhaps this means going through the “inbox” where papers get tossed and saved for later. Or maybe it means purchasing a filing system and marking folders for each type of paperwork that might need to be filed, whether it includes legal documents, utility bills, letters and more.

Organize a Closet

If things have been piling up in a closet or wardrobe, this is a great time to attack the mounds! Start by making three boxes or bins available: one for throwing away, one for giving away and one for keeping. Once everything has been sorted through, the “keep” box can be sorted into more boxes based on where these items will be assigned to live in the future. Find a new home for them, put them where they belong, label it, and – just like that – the closet is clean!

Get Inspired

For those who aren’t sure where to begin, a great way to get inspired is to look at magazine articles or websites that are dedicated to organization. This often acts as a catalyst, when viewing the creative ways other people have used to store and organize their lives. Check out some resources, find some tools that seem viable for life, and get going on Get Organized Day.

Start Some New Habits

Sometimes getting organized doesn’t have to be a huge process, but a series of little things. Try out these habits to help things be a bit less chaotic:

  • Create a To-Do List. One way to keep life tidy is to keep a notebook and fill it with a list of tasks that need to be accomplished.
  • Make a Meal Plan. Instead of leaving the meal planning to the last minute, try it weekly, or even monthly, and then make a shopping list from the meal plan.
  • Have a Place for Everything. If something new comes into the house, don’t forget to give it a home!

Organize That Email Inbox

Get Organized Day is the perfect time to get motivated and sort through various emails that have simply been sitting there to deal with later. Quickly click through emails to determine if they are important enough to keep or toss out. If they are keepers, put them in the email folder that makes the most sense–or create a new grouping. This will make important emails much easier to find in the future. Now, some people might be thinking that the time it takes to find everything and sort it is time that is needed to be spent on other, more important things. News Flash! The amount of time it takes to get organized is going to be exceeded, by far, by the time savings gained from being organized in the first place.

Get Organized Day FAQs

What is Get Organized Day?

This is a day that is set aside for people to find extra motivation to declutter their homes, their offices or even their schedules![1]

When is Get Organized Day?

Get Organized Day is celebrated each year on April 26th–the perfect time for spring cleaning![2]

How to Get Organized in a day?

Get Organized Day is a great time to be motivated! Start by organizing items in closets and drawers into 3 piles: keep, give away and throw away.[3]

How to celebrate Get Organized Day?

Observing this day is easy! Just take a little time – a few minutes or an hour – to make a to-do list, clean out a drawer, or declutter a closet![4]

Why get organized?

Getting organized helps people to be more productive, keeping their brains decluttered which can ultimately reduce stress.[5]

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