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Champagne has been part of so many celebrations throughout various seasons of life. But this is the day to not only celebrate something with champagne, but to actually celebrate champagne.

Global Champagne Day offers a delightful opportunity to show appreciation for and raise a glass to this delightfully bubbly and exuberant wine!

History of Global Champagne Day

Champagne has roots that can be traced all the way back to the 13th century in France and other parts of Europe. But it wasn’t until several hundred years later, in the 17th century, that began its increase in popularity.

Global Champagne Day got its start in 2009 when it was established by a passionate wine tutor and blogger, Chris Oggenfuss. While champagne is definitely a product of France (in fact, it can only come from this certain region in France!), the founding of Global Champagne Day has roots in the United States, specifically the state of California, where Oggenfuss is from.

The purpose of the day is a simple one in that it is a day that is set aside to honor this wine that has been a favorite guest at various celebrations including weddings, graduations, coronations and parties for many years!

How to Celebrate Global Champagne Day

Pop open a bottle of amazing bubbly and enjoy celebrating Global Champagne Day with some of these delightful ideas:

Enjoy a Glass of Champagne

Obviously, the most important course of action to take in celebration of Global Champagne Day is to enjoy drinking a glass – or even sharing a bottle – of champagne. Grab a partner, a group of friends or coworkers and enjoy this amazing Friday at the end of the work week with a toast.

To friendship. To love. To life. To Global Champagne Day!

Attend Global Champagne Day Events

One excellent perk of Global Champagne Day is that it has grown in popularity so that people all over the world have begun to celebrate it each year. In fact, the official Champagne website provides an opportunity for individuals in various corners of the globe to find out about events that are scheduled in honor of the day.

Champagne based events at restaurants, hotels, bars, wineries and so many other places can be discovered around the US, Europe and even a few in Asia. It’s also possible for those who are hosting events to add theirs to the map to gain publicity. Also on the website, event managers and proprietors can find a free downloadable toolkit for hosting events.

Create a Global Champagne Day Playlist

Those who are excited about this day can even make a soundtrack to enjoy and share in preparation for the day. Add a few songs to a Spotify playlist and enjoy thinking about champagne through music all day long! Check out some of these songs that might make a good start:

  • Champagne Supernova by Oasis (1995)
  • Champagne Problems by Nick Jonas (2016)
  • Swimming in Champagne by Eric Heatherly (2000)
  • Champagne by Mayra, Bruno Martini (2017)

Other days that can be celebrated around a similar theme include National Champagne Day, National Bubbly Day, and National Prosecco Day.

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