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While many people have taken to making their own travel arrangements in today’s internet age, the travel agencies and travel advisors of today still have a lot to offer! These professionals play an essential part in the travel community, offering services, deals, discounts and more products to their clients.

Global Travel Advisor Day is here to offer a special reminder to show appreciation and say “thanks” for a job well done!

History of Global Travel Advisor Day

Travel agents and travel advisors have been helping people get where they want or need to go for many centuries. In fact, the first travel agency in modern history was started in London, England in 1758, called Cox & Kings. By the late 1800s, people in the United States were looking for help organizing travel to Europe, and the first American travel agency was born.

Global Travel Advisor Day was founded with the goal of commemorating the hard work and dedication offered by travel advisors, as well as celebrating the partners who work together with them for success. Several different organizations show support for this day, including the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) and Travel Leaders Group, helping to raise awareness about their partners and show appreciation for those who work in this important industry.

The spring of 2020, and the many months following, were especially difficult for travel advisors as they had to deal with the backlash of struggles due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This was a time when the celebration of Global Travel Advisor Day was made even more important to show appreciation for those helping out travelers who were stranded all over the globe.

How to Celebrate Global Travel Advisor Day

For those who love to travel, and for those who love a travel advisor, this day is just for you! Enjoy and celebrate Global Travel Advisor Day by joining in with some of these plans and ideas:

Thank a Travel Advisor

Get involved with Global Travel Advisor Day by showing some love to a friend or family who is a travel agent, or by saying thank you to a travel professional who has given sound advice and service in the past. Large and small organizations and travel agencies can promote this day and encourage their staff members to celebrate and pass on the love through special attention, gifts, parties, days off and more.

Book with a Travel Advisor

One excellent way to thank a travel agent in honor of Global Travel Advisor Day might be to employ their services for that next trip! Whether headed out for an island vacation on a sandy beach, looking to catch a glimpse of the northern lights in Iceland, or even if it’s just booking a flight or hotel for a business trip – a travel advisor can help make all of those travel plans smoother and easier.

A few other fun days related to travel that can be celebrated throughout the year include World Tourism Day in September, National Plan for Vacation Day in January, or Take a Cruise Day in February.  

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