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From tropical to exotic, from fun to romantic, taking a cruise is a great way to enjoy time upon what feels a lot like a floating city! Get to meet a variety of new friends, celebrate a family reunion, take the kids on a Disney vacation on the sea, and let someone else do all of the planning of that itinerary.

Now, Take a Cruise Day is here to encourage everyone to take time to plan their next adventure on the water!

History of Take a Cruise Day

While travel on board boats has been part of human history for thousands of years, it wasn’t until more recently that boat travel for the sake of pleasure became commonplace. In 1844, P&O first introduced their passenger cruising services, which took passengers on sea tours from Southampton, England, to places such as Malta, Athens and Gibraltar.

As luxurious cruise ship options began to develop, cruise lines began to become even more popular in the late 1800s. By the early 1900s, luxury travel across the Atlantic from the United States to Europe began. The most infamous of these luxury cruise line ships was the Titanic, the largest ship on the ocean at the time, that met its demise when it sank in 1912.

The problems with the Titanic aside, cruises are a very safe way to travel. Not only are there tons of safety precautions, but they use cutting edge technology to ensure their passengers are well cared for.

For those who love the water, cruise vacations offer a number of benefits, including seeing several destinations while only having to unpack one time! Usually family friendly, cruise ships offer all sorts of different activities, sightseeing options and entertainment. Plus, cruises are super easy to plan because all of the hard work is already done for the passengers, so there is no decision-fatigue or fear of messing it up.

How to Celebrate Take a Cruise Day

Get on board with Take a Cruise Day by implementing some of these fun and delightful ideas for enjoying the adventure of travel on the water:

Take a Cruise, Of Course!

Well, perhaps this isn’t the exact day for leaving on the cruise, but it’s certainly a good day to get started with planning it. Get on the phone with that travel agent and make an appointment to meet and have a chat about the best options for taking a cruise in honor of Take a Cruise Day.

Perhaps the top of the list might be to plan an Alaskan cruise with a slow pace and some amazing scenery. Or maybe it’s a cruise to the Bahamas where the laid-back attitude of sun-splashed islands offers a super chill way to relax and enjoy the fun. On the other hand, a Mediterranean or Norwegian cruise allows travelers to experience old world charm and unique destinations.

No matter where the cruise goes from or to, Take Cruise Day is an incredible time to celebrate and enjoy the beauty and pace of ocean, sea or river travel!

Watch Some Shows About Taking a Cruise

Not ready to make a commitment to booking that cabin on the cruise ship quite yet? Or maybe it’s a bit of seasickness that is getting in the way. That’s okay! It’s still possible to celebrate Take a Cruise Day by joining in on the fun in other ways.

For instance, it might be fun to get a feel for the day by watching a movie or show that features a cruise. Get started with some of these fun ideas:

  • The Love Boat (1977-1986). This classic show, filmed on the Pacific Princess, featured a cast of beloved characters and became one of the longest running shows on television at the time.
  • Like Father (2018). Kristen Bell and Kelsey Grammar star in this delightful comedy about a woman who finds it necessary to connect with her estranged father when she is left at the altar so her dad comes with her on her honeymoon cruise.
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (2011). A live-action, computer animated comedy for the whole family, this musical movie follows Alvin and his friends on an adventure as they head toward the International Music Awards.
  • One Crazy Cruise (2015). This fun Nickelodeon made-for-TV movie features the story of a girl and her brother who go on a cruise with their two new step siblings. As the family hopes to bring each other closer, they end up with a crazy night and a crazy day – equaling one crazy cruise!

Learn More About Taking a Cruise

In celebration of Take a Cruise Day, take some time to get informed, learn more about what it’s like to take a cruise, and dispel some myths. Get started with some of these important pieces of information:

  • Cruises aren’t just for old people!

    While some senior citizens certainly do enjoy taking a cruise, these vacation adventures are fun for people of all ages, from children to teenagers, from young adults to mature adults and everyone in between. 

  • Cruises can be affordable

    Many people think that they would be unable to afford a cruise, but breaking it down can actually help people find a cruise that will fit in their budgets, especially when adding in full-board food, transfers, accommodations, on-board activities and entertainment. 

  • Cruises don’t often cause seasickness

    Because cruise ships are so large, people on board them typically do not succumb to seasickness. The technology of stabilization and the sheer size of the vessel means that people usually forget they are even on the water!

  • Cruises are filled with adventure

    Some people might think that being stuck on a boat is boring, but this is far from true. In fact, like small cities, cruise ships have tons of things to do, from spas and fitness centers to go-kart tracks and sky-diving, from laser tag to water parks. Not to mention the sightseeing on some cruises. There’s never a dull moment on board a cruise ship. 

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