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If you love getting out and about and enjoying yourself, National Great Outdoors Month is the perfect month for you! 

History of National Great Outdoors Month

The roots of National Great Outdoors Month can be traced back to Great Outdoors Week, which was started in 1998 by then-president of the United States, Bill Clinton. The week was then expanded to become National Great Outdoors Month in 2004, giving individuals, families, schools and organizations plenty of time to celebrate the week by holding events or just spending time outside in nature.

In 2008, governors from many different states had joined together in designating June as National Great Outdoors Month and by 2019, more than half of the 50 US states had gotten officially involved with the day. But even people who live in a state that doesn’t officially celebrate the day, or people who live in other countries, can certainly still have tons of fun by celebrating and enjoying this important time dedicated to the healthy benefits of nature.

National Great Outdoors Month aims to encourage more people to get out into beautiful spaces and enjoy the world around them. Whether that is simply by exercising outside with a walk or a run, or taking part in volunteer programs that are organized throughout this month as the weather warms. There is so much the great outdoors has to offer so, this National Great Outdoors Month, why not get out there and enjoy it?!

How to Celebrate National Great Outdoors Month

Have a load of fun in the sun by heading outside and enjoying some of these ideas for celebrating National Great Outdoors Month:

Head Out Into the Great Outdoors!

Do what the month says and spend some time making and implementing plans to get out into nature. Folks who live in the city can plan a trip to a nearby park or nature preserve, as many cities have them within a short distance of their metro areas.

National Great Outdoors Month works as a great opportunity to encourage children in the importance of outside play and how getting out and about can be part of a healthy lifestyle. Getting outside is often a free or cheap day out for families, and can certainly be a whole lot of fun. Plus, it’s also a great way for families with kids to learn about nature and the environment and teachers with students can use it to form the basis for school projects.

Participate in National Great Outdoors Month Events

Many organizations and groups that are focused on nature will host local events that encourage people to get outside and participate. This might include something like a bike ride along a nature trail, a nature walk that includes a scavenger hunt for families with small kids, or even a free fishing day where the local or state government encourages free fishing without the need for a license! Check with local schools, parks & recreation departments, libraries or other community resources to find out what’s going on in the area for National Great Outdoors Month. Then, sign up and join in on the fun!

Go on an Outdoor Adventure

Those who are into more hard-core types of outdoor fun can choose National Great Outdoors Month to do some extreme activities. Choose a week of white-water rafting along some rivers in West Virginia or Arizona with Class V Rapids that simply can’t be beat. Or try out an extreme month long (or six months long for the whole thing!) camping trip by hiking along the Appalachian National Scenic Trail through parts of fourteen different states in the eastern parts of the US.

Avid climbers might want to attempt some climbing throughout the Rocky or Blue Ridge mountain ranges. And water lovers could head over to either the Pacific or Atlantic oceans for surfing adventures. The opportunities for adventures in the great outdoors are basically endless!

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