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The situation is quite serious – groundwater is an important source for water use, including drinking water, and if it gets contaminated, it’s very costly and difficult to clean.

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Groundwater, while it seems like a fancy scientific term, is just water that’s held underneath the surface. While technological advancements have been made to help aid in water supply, groundwater still counts for the majority of the earth’s water supply that’s drinkable and usable.

For many, however, groundwater doesn’t seem like an important issue. That’s why National Groundwater Awareness Week exists to change that opinion.

History of National Groundwater Awareness Week

Groundwater takes up 99 percent of the Earth’s usable water, accounting for many of the U.S. municipalities, drinking supply, and agricultural irrigation. As the world’s most extracted raw material, many homes and businesses rely on groundwater for everyday use.

National Groundwater Awareness Week, founded by the National Groundwater Association, aim to help raise awareness of the importance of groundwater. The holiday also aims to help fund research to understand how groundwater moves through the subsurface and what factors affect the quantity and quality of that groundwater.

An example, given by the National Groundwater Association, talks about how the largest U.S aquifer, which underlies 250,000 square miles, could take up to 6000 years to refill if it ever ran dry.

National Groundwater Awareness Week is about taking into account research and statistics when it comes to groundwater and informing people about how important groundwater is to countries all over the world. National Groundwater Awareness Week aims to help people learn of new ways to support the ecosystems that thrive off of groundwater.

As an essential drinking supply, groundwater maintains the earth society lives on and if depleted, can lead to devastating consequences. That’s why during this week, scientists and activists get together through seminars and social media to teach people better ways to take care of the world they live in.

How to Celebrate Groundwater National Awareness Week

If you’re looking for a great way to learn about groundwater, check out the resources that the National Groundwater Association has to offer and learn about how groundwater works. Take the time to attend an informative seminar about groundwater at your local university.

Read up on the statistics that organizations have funded and see what the current issues are when it comes to groundwater. Check up on your home water well with an inspector to see what the quality of your groundwater is and how you can help protect your water supply.

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