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Also known as World Federation of Neurology Day, this day offers a delightful opportunity for folks to take some time to consider how amazing the human brain really is. So engage that brain and get on board with learning more about and celebrating World Brain Day! 

History of World Brain Day

World Brain Day made its debut in 2014 as a project of the Public Awareness and Advocacy Committee of the World Federation of Neurology. This international organization has been functioning for more than 50 years, representing the specialty of neurology in more than 100 countries around the planet.

The hope for World Brain Day is that this celebration will bring awareness and advocacy for the health of the brain. Other focuses include education, prevention, and access to care.

In keeping with these goals, each year the day is assigned a theme that is relevant to the topic of the brain, promoting conversation, education and collaboration for healthier brains in the future. Some of the past themes for World Brain Day have included:

  • Brain and Health Disability: Leave No One Behind (2023)
  • Brain Health for All (2022)
  • Move Together to End Parkinson’s Disease (2020)
  • Our Brain, Our Future (2015)

Looking for other opportunities to celebrate the brain? Don’t miss out on National Train Your Brain Day in October and International Brainteaser Month that is celebrated in January. 

How to Celebrate World Brain Day

Check out some of these smart and clever ideas for keeping that brain in tip-top shape in celebration of World Brain Day:

Love Your Brain

Those who take their brains for granted might want to spend a bit of time taking care of their brains in celebration of World Brain Day. One superb way to love the brain is through exercise because getting moving keeps the blood flowing and keeps the brain healthy.

Another key path to brain health is getting enough sleep at night, because it is during sleep that the brain performs its cleaning processes that prevent buildup of toxins and other negative chemicals. In addition, giving the brain some free time to simply daydream is a great way to love the brain and prime it for imagining new ideas!

Learn Important Facts About the Brain

One of the best ways to get involved with World Brain Day might be to learn some important bits of trivia about the brain and brain health. These and others can be shared with friends, family members, coworkers or others, whether in person or through a social media account:

  • Multi-tasking is a myth

    People who think they are multi-tasking are really just playing a game of context-switching in their brains, increasing the possibility of errors by up to 50%.

  • 75% of the brain is water

    People who get dehydrated even just the smallest amount can find lower brain function affecting aspects like memory and attention.

  • Human brains have around 100 billion neurons

    This number is basically the equivalent of stars in the Milky Way galaxy!

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